10 Kid’s Motocross Racing Clubs

There are a lot of kid's motocross racing clubs being formed around the world.  Motocross is a form of motorcycle sport or all-terrain vehicle racing held on enclosed off road circuits.  The elements of speed and high technology have made Motocross Racing a favorite amongst fans.  Kids are also able to enjoy this motorsport as technology has made it safer for them.  We will look at some kid's motocross racing clubs which you can enroll into.

  1. The Hants and Dorset Youth Motocross Club.  Started as a purely kid's motocross racing club in 1979, the club is managed by parents and adult riders.  Club membership for 2010 is £35 and £22 for subsequent family members.  The club operates six types of races for kids ranging from ages six to seventeen-years old.
  2. Gold Coast Motocross Club.  To become a member of the Gold Coast Motocross Club you will need to obtain one of several licenses from Motorcycling Queensland. Membership to this kid's motocross racing club is A$60 for a single membership and A$80 for a family membership.  The club also has accepts senior racers and has kid’s motocross practice runs every Tuesday from 4:40 pm to 8:30 pm.  Race days are conducted on Saturdays.
  3. Motocycling Queensland.  Motocycling Queensland has one of the best kid's motocross racing clubs in Australia.  For kids with no experience, this club offers a “kick start” program to start kids off in the sport.   The “Kick Start Program” consists of practical riding tests, theory lessons and tests. Costs for this starter course are A$30 per rider.
  4. Oakdale Junior Motocross Club.  Oakdale is another famous kid's motocross racing club.  Oakdale is predominantly a junior motocross club, but there are also events for senior riders.  This kid's motocross racing club is the home of many State and Australian riding champions.  Fees for single members range from $20 to $80, and families pay $30 to $100 depending on the season you wish to ride in.
  5. Cotswold Youth and Adult Motocross Club.  This kid's motocross racing club is one of the largest youth and adult motocross clubs in the UK. They are affiliated to the British Schoolboy Motocross Association (BSMA) and cater to kids starting from six-years old.  They run classes for six to eight-years olds using 50cc to 70cc bikes.
  6. Yorkshire Junior Grasstrack Club.  This kid's motocross racing club accepts kids starting from six-years old.  They develop grass motocross racing among kids and race from April to October.  Family members pay £20 with every subsequent rider from the family paying £6.  The club has their track in Upper Cumberworth, near Huddersfield UK.
  7. California Racing Club.  This club is located in Los Angeles.  They run a Pee Wee division for kids as well as race program for seniors.  Club fees range from $60 for a single member to $120 for families.
  8. Geraldton Junior and Senior Motocross Club. Originally form as a kid's motocross racing club in 1976, this club now also takes in senior riders.  The club has their track at Dongara called “Whyatt Farm”. This is one of the best sand tracks in Australia and has been the venue of several state events.
  9. Wanneroo Junior Motocross Club.  Wanaroo is a kid's motocross racing club that caters for kids from four to nineteen-years old.  The club holds a race one weekend of the month throughout the year.  Family membership’s starts at $200, membership is free for kids from four to seven-years old.
  10. Baulkham Hills Junior Motorcycle Club.  This club provides competitive and social biking events for kids ranging from four to seventeen-years old.  It has a “Minikhana” riding event that serves as an introduction course for kids.  This program focuses on training children to control a motorcycle and different safety aspects to riding.
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