10 Kobe Bryant Jump Shot Tips

Looking for 10 Kobe Bryant jump shot tips? We’ve all seen Kobe  Bryant pull off spectacular buzzer beaters to win close games, but what is the secret to his amazing jump shot?  To become a shooter like Kobe Bryant all you need to do is follow these ten simple tips and you’ll be a better shooter in no time.

  1. Keep your shoulders square to the basket. Great shooters like Kobe always make sure their shoulders are square to the basket when releasing their shot, this ensures that the ball will have the proper alignment towards the basket.
  2. Jump straight up. Balance in basketball is key. If your body is fading to the left or to the right when  taking your jump shot the shot will be ten times more difficult to make. Go straight up with your jump shot to give the ball a better chance of going in.
  3. Keep your shooting elbow pointed inward. Don’t let your shooting elbow stick out while you’re taking a jump sho if you want to shoot like Kobe Bryant, keep your elbow tucked inward to guarantee a more consistent jump shot.
  4. Follow through on your jump shot. Make sure to fully extend your shooting arm and flick your wrist while you are shooting the ball, this greatly increases the chances of you making the shot.
  5. Keep your toes pointed toward the basket. Notice when Kobe makes those amazing jumpers his toes are always squarely pointed toward the basket. Don’t let you toes point off to the right or the left. Keep them aimed at the basket and you’ll be amazed at how much your shot improves.
  6. Shoot with your fingertips. Make sure the ball is resting on your fingertips and not the palm of your hand to shoot like Kobe Bryant.
  7. Proper elevation is key for a Kobe Bryant jump shot. Make sure to bend your knees and take a strong jump when you’re about to shoot.
  8. Use your off-hand as a guide. When going up for your jump shot make sure your off-hand is on the ball to give your shot added direction.
  9. Confidence. This one is simple.Great players like Kobe Bryant always believe that their shot is going in. Once you become confident in your jump shot you will begin to see improvement quickly.
  10. Practice. Okay this is the big one. You’re not going to become a jump shooter like Kobe Bryant over night. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become an awesome jump shooter.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be shooting like Kobe Bryant in no time!

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