10 Krav Maga Moves

The 10 Krav Maga moves mentioned here are simple ways of defending yourself against an attack. Krav Maga is based on the principle of “retzev,” Hebrew for “continuous motion,” which is the essence of this martial art. Krav Maga emphasizes defending and attacking as one continuous movement, the aim of which is to neutralize your enemy.

  1. Front Kick Krav Maga is designed to end a fight quickly. Use your leg to issue a front kick to give it more power. Aim for the groin, abdomen, knee, head and neck and then follow up with an elbow strike or punch into the back of the neck.
  2. Eye Gouge This Krav Maga technique blinds your opponent and is a good move especially for women faced with a stronger opponent. You can use either your fingers or thumb to penetrate the eye sockets.
  3. Defense Against Buttocks Grab This is a very useful move for women who are often victims of sexual harassment. If your assailant grabs you from behind, you can execute a rear kick and hit his knee or groin. Alternatively, you can do a rear elbow strike followed by any number of Krav Maga moves, including a front kick or a series of punches.
  4. Stepping Side Kick This is a great move to close the distance quickly and hit an opponent beside you. For an assailant on your right, cross your left leg over your right, shift the weight into your right leg and twisting you hips a little, kick with your right heel. Target areas include your assailant’s knee, abdomen, thigh and shin.
  5. Sucker Punch Defense Blocking while simultaneously attacking is the essence of Krav Maga. A sucker punch is usually a straight punch. To deflect it, use an outside block followed immediately by either a punch or a knee into your opponent’s kidneys.
  6. Rear Horizontal Elbow Strike A useful move for attacks from behind. Bring your arms parallel to the ground, raised just above shoulder level. Pivot your hips as you hit your assailant with your knee.
  7. Uppercut Elbow This offensive move is meant to damage your assailant’s throat or chin. Once in a Krav Maga stance, bend your knees slightly and execute an upward elbow strike into your attacker.
  8. Uppercut Punch Your fist is a deadly weapon and an uppercut punch can leave your opponent shaken enough for you to quickly execute another move. The target area is the chin and power comes from bending your knees and twisting your hips as your fist hits the target area.
  9. Head Butt Defense This is a simple but effective defense against head butts. Raise your elbow parallel to the ground and block the opponent’s face while simultaneously punching his head with your free hand.
  10. Defense from Rear Choke A choke is designed to make you unconscious, but it takes time to take effect. Krav Maga teaches you to not panic. To free yourself, use both your arms to yank the crook of your attacker’s elbow followed by a rear sweep by hooking his leg.
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