10 Krav Maga Sparring Tips

There 10 Krav Maga sparring tips will improve your performance in a fight as soon as you implement them. This Israeli combat style is noted for its deadly and brutal counterattacks, which makes it a popular choice for those whom are looking for self-defense techniques to make use of in a real life situation. To hone these efficient counterattacks, follow these Krav Maga sparring tips.

  1. Always have a hand near the face. When throwing a straight punch, you want to keep the arm opposite the one you are attacking with near your head for protection and a possible counterattack opportunity. This Krav Maga sparring tip will keep you resistant to the attacks of your enemies, even after you throw a punch.
  2. Keep your chin down. In a spar, you do not want to have your neck exposed at all. No matter how much one exercises, your adenoid will always be a target for an easy strike, even if it is by accident. To protect yourself from possible accidents while sparring, keep your chin tucked down so you will absorb any blow that passes your guard effectively. Of all the Krav Maga sparring tips, this one will keep you safe.
  3. Eyes on opponent at all times. It is bad practice to turn your head away from your enemy, or remove them from your eyesight for even a moment. This gives them the opportunity for a counterattack or an attack that will not be seen.
  4. Rotate your body with each punch. In order to give your punches the maximum amount of force, rotate your body with each punch. Doing so will put all of your body weight behind the punch which is useful for breaking your opponents guard or disorienting them. This is one of the key Krav Maga sparring tips because it adds a considerable amount of force behind each of your punches.
  5. Make contact with the top of your knuckles. When throwing a straight punch, keep your fist straight (all of your knuckles facing the opponent) and your posture relaxed until just before you make contract. When you are about to make contact, tighten up your muscles and make contact with only the top of your knuckles for maximum damage.
  6. Alternate between palm-heel strikes and fist strikes. Those are the two main types of straights that is thrown, although the mechanics remain the same. The palm strike removes some of the danger of injury in the wrist that is had in a straight punch, and they tend to deal more damage. Of all the Krav Maga sparring tips, this one is just for personal preference and will not make or break a fight.
  7. Kick with the balls of your feet. When throwing an offensive vertical kick, connect with the balls of your feet. When you raise your knee, you raise your toes toward your knees and thrust your feet forward for maximum penetration.
  8. Connect with the full foot for defense. When you find yourself trapped or cornered in any way, the defensive kick is meant to deal less damage but give you more space. With this kick, connect with your full foot and use your hips to shove the enemy away and give more force.
  9. Stay accurate. When striking, try and attack the same point repeatedly. This is good for not only getting into your opponents head and telling them where to guard, but it often deals much more damage and improves accuracy. Do not mistake this for attacking the same point over and over again. When you are aiming for a point on the body, simply make sure you hit that point and that point only.
  10. Be aggressive. While one should always keep a level head during a fight, Krav Maga is a very aggressive fighting style. Being aggressive puts your opponent in a situation where they are left trying to defend yourself, and this allows you to control both the pace and the direction of the fight. This Krav Maga sparring tip is intended for you to be the one in charge at all times during a fight, which is necessary for winning a fight.
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