10 Lamborghini Exhaust Tips

If are a lucky owner of a Lamborghini, then you could probably use 10 Lamborghini exhaust tips to trick out your ride. If you follow these tips, then it is guaranteed that you will be more comfortable with your final decision on a new exhaust for your foreign beauty.

  1. Establish your price limitations for your new exhaust system. This is most important to before anything else involving buying a new Lamborghini exhaust system. The reason it is so important is that you don’t want to be browsing around looking for the best performance for your money if you’re looking at exhaust systems that are way out of your price range. Be prepared to spend up in the thousands if you are intent on getting a good quality exhaust system.
  2. Know all of the places around you that sell Lamborghini compatible exhaust systems. The specific places you want to look for include family owned places, and even chain stores such as Autozone and Advance. Also check out internet sites such as Ebay.com, nyxracing.com, and sfxperformance.com.
  3. After you have selected your exhaust system, be sure to get all of the necessary tools to install it. Once again have someone who has worked with these cars before to help you out. Also remember that different models need different tools! You will probably need: screwdrivers of different heads such as philips and flat heads, and will also need different size wrenches to take out and replace the system. These sizes should be from a set of 1/16 all the way up to a 1/2 inch wrench.
  4. Travel to all of the stores and see what is available for your Lamborghini exhaust system. Since all of your options will have different parts that are better quality than others, you have a lot to sort through. Do you want a more efficient part that forgoes power, or do you want an exhaust system that will give you a ton of speed? Be sure to question the salesman about which exhaust system does what. Some good brands to keep your eye out for include Larini, Borla, and Kreissieg. 
  5. Check out the old exhaust system in your Lamborghini and make sure you're upgrading. There can be big differences among exhaust systems that make some better than others, such as durability and any mods that you don't want to down grade from.
  6. Have a good work place for changing out your exhaust system. You should be on a totally flat surface for a few different reasons, the simple one that you don't want to have to be holding yourself up on a hill. The other thing you want to consider is that being on a hill could damage your transmission. Also make sure you are on a hard surface as you don't want to be sinking into the ground because your working on mud.
  7. Check all of your best Lamborghini exhaust system options and see which ones are universal and which are optimized for your specific Lamborghini. This will help you to make sure that all of the exhaust systems you weed out are out for a good reason. Since ones designed specifically for your Lamborghinis style will be more efficient and will probably last longer.
  8. Don't run your Lamborghini the entire day that you are planning on changing the exhaust system. This will make it not only harder because of everything will be hot and harder to remove and put on, but there is also a safety issue with getting burned on hot metal parts while performing the change!
  9. While install your exhaust system, be sure to put all the bolts and screws that you take off while doing the changing of the exhaust system. A box or bag is a good place to put all of your tools and loose parts. Also be sure to put the old exhaust system in a safe place so you can either sell it or dispose of it properly!
  10. Know how to install your exhaust system yourself. The process is going to involve jacking up the car, getting under the exhaust system, getting all of your tools and unbolting the old system and bolting on the new one, so be prepared! 
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