10 Largest Castles In Europe

Curious about the 10 largest castles in Europe? Europe is known for many things. The art and culture found there is awe-inspiring, and people flock from far and wide to get a glimpse at what can be found there. However, one thing Europe is mainly known for is its castles. Breathtaking architecture and thoughts of fairy tales spring to mind when looking at these magnificent creations of man. The following are the ten largest castles in Europe.

  1. Malbork Castle. Malbork Castle is located in Poland, and is the largest castle in the world, let alone Europe. It measures 143,591 square meters and was built in 1274.
  2. Prague Castle. Prague Castle is also one of the largest castles in the world. It is located in Prague, in the Czech Republic. The castle is 66,761 square meters.
  3. Burghausen Castle. This castle, located in Germany, totals 56,810 square meters.
  4. Windsor Castle. This castle is located in the UK and was one of the residences of Queen Elizabeth. It totals 54,835 square meters.
  5. Hohensalzburg Castle. At 54,523 square meters, this castle is the fourth largest in Europe. It is located in Salzburg, Austria.
  6. Spis Castle. This castle, located in eastern Slovakia, is the fifth largest in Europe. It is about 49,485 square meters.
  7. Buda Castle. Buda Castle, located in Budapest, makes the sixth slot on this list. It measures about 44,674 square meters.
  8. Edinburgh Castle. This famous castle is located in Edinburgh. It is 35,737 square meters.
  9. Kenilworth Castle. This castle, also in the UK, comes in at number nine. It measures out to be around 32,673 square meters.
  10. Rheinfels Castle. This castle, located next to the Rhine, was once thought to be the most massive castle in Europe.



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