10 Largest Natural Boobs

If you love your ladies a little top heavy, you're going to love this list of the 10 largest natural boobs. These ladies have some of the best lady lumps, sweater muffins and love taps we've ever seen. You're not going to see anyone who is anything close to modest-sized on this list—just large and completely natural breasts. If you're ready for a handful, here are some of the largest boobs we've ever seen.

  1. Mariah Carey She might've made "Glitter" and she may have married Nick Cannon, but there's no denying that she has some of the largest natural boobs known to man. You can't imagine that people were watching her music videos to hear her sing, but to see what outfit she managed to squeeze the twins into next.
  2. Kim Kardashian Star of many "E!" reality shows and her very own sex tape, this Hollywood socialite is good at very few things. One of them, apparently, is having some of the largest natural boobs in the world. Considering that she's constantly being shot by the paparazzi, it's safe to say that her curvaceous form isn't going to be leaving our fantasies anytime soon.
  3. Kat Dennings She's only been in a few films since, literally, busting onto the scene in "The 40 Year Old Virgin." While her acting skills may not be up to snuff, you can definitely say that she's got some of the best breasts in Hollywood today, especially for a girl of her frame. Hopefully her agent can convince her to do a nude scene in an upcoming film.
  4. Scarlett Johansson An unfortunate victim of the "no nude clause" in her contract, this young starlet is known to be in possession of some of the largest girly pillows in show business. With a curvaceous body and gorgeous blonde locks, she's the closest to a true blonde bombshell we're ever going to see. It's just a shame about never being able to see her perfect natural boobs.
  5. Keeley Hazell This British-born model has appeared in several UK-based men's magazines, including "Nuts" and "Loaded" for, you guessed it, her amazing natural boobs. Is there anything sexier than a curvy woman with a slick British accent? We didn't think so, either.
  6. Monica Bellucci This olive-skinned beauty made her way into our fantasies during the two sequels to "The Matrix" where calling her dress skin-tight and revealing would be gross understatements. Saying that it fit her like a second skin would, however, be slightly adequate. One of the older women on this list, she's got one of the best bodies, along with the largest natural boobs, that we've seen on a woman her age.
  7. Diora Baird Though she's been in a number of movies since then, this lady with a bodacious body is best known for displaying her twins during the "Shout" montage in "Wedding Crashers." Besides having some of the best natural boobs in the world, she's on this list because she regularly posts sexy pictures of herself on her Twitter.
  8. Kelly Brook Another beauty from Across The Pond, she and her 36DD breasts have been featured in a number of movies and major fashion lines in the United Kingdom. Her amazing love muffins have dazzled men for decades, especially when you combine them with her chestnut hair and perfect, dazzling smile. All of these pieces together, we can safely say, pretty much make Ms. Brook the perfect woman.
  9. Christina Hendricks This fiery-haired vixen is famous for three reasons: her sultry character on the hit drama "Mad Men," and her amazing sweater puppies, which more likely than not got her the gig on the show. She's always willing to show them off on the red carpet, which makes us wonder why she always covers them up on the show. Guess all we can do is blame that bashful 1960s dress code.
  10. Angelina Jolie Arguably the hottest woman on the planet also happens to have some of the largest natural boobs ever. It's honestly difficult not to drool, especially when you consider them alongside her dark hair, sultry eyes and luscious lips. Lucky for us she has plenty of topless scenes from her older movies.
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