10 Lawn Bowling Tips

By following these 10 lawn bowling tips, you and your team will shine on the field. Your uniforms will remain white and unblemished and you’ll be the pride of the league. Of course, you can forget these tips and wind up looking like you’re trying to play Australian football instead.

Lawn bowling is a civilized game, but it is anything but boring. Skill, patience, tactics and cunning win over luck and crossed fingers.

  1. The lead will always have coffee and donuts ready. Your team needs the energy to compete from start to finish and as lead, it’s your duty to have these ready. It wouldn’t hurt to have juice, granola or fruit ready for those who aren’t fond of donuts.
  2. The skip must always support their team with enthusiasm. Even if the team will lose the game/tournament/championship, always be supportive. Gloomy skips ruin the game for everyone.
  3. Use gamesmanship with the utmost discretion. While gamesmanship isn’t strictly illegal, it can be overdone. Careful use can win a game, while overuse makes you look like a jackass to your opponents, the judges, your team and the audience.
  4. Skips should stand still around the head and not move. This is very distracting to the other players, including your own team. Move after the opponent has bowled.
  5. Skips should build each head slowly and carefully. This sound strategy should help your team win. If you do lose the head, let it be by a low score so your team can recover.
  6. A lead will sign the team in by placing his/her name chip in the designated area. If you don’t sign your team in, you’ll be standing around wondering why you’re not playing. Your team won’t be happy with you and neither will the judges.
  7. The losing team’s lead will rake the bowls behind the mat. The mat is placed by the winning team’s lead. The losing team’s lead will make sure the bowls are in their proper place—behind and to the right, facing the skips.
  8. At the conclusion of an end, the skip removes the mat. The new mat is placed by another skip who uses it try to force the opposing bowler to use their off hand. While not gamesmanship, it is good strategy—until an ambidextrous bowler shows up.
  9. The skips set the tone for good sportsmanship on his/her team. True gentlemen don’t lose their temper, scream or curse during the game. At least not where the press or cell phones can catch them.
  10. The leads will participate in a coin flip for position. The winning lead will then report to their skip and ask if their team goes first or second. Once informed, they will report to the judges and the game will begin.
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