10 Left Hand Golf Tips

Although most people who play golf are right handed, here are ten left hand golf tips. In fact these tips might just help you prove to your friends that left handed golf players might just be better after all. Who knows, they might want to learn to play left handed after seeing what you can do. Here are ten left hand golf tips that will impress everyone you play with:

  1. Don't try to play right handed. This might seem obvious, but being out there with a bunch of right handed players can confuse your game play sometimes. Stay focused and keep practicing with that left hand!
  2. Buy your own left hand golf clubs. They will enable you to use your natural swing, so don't go borrowing your right handed friend's clubs just because they look cool because it could hurt your game.
  3. Watch your friends, then do the opposite. Remember that their moves are done right handed so if you want to try them you have to mentally put the moves backwards in order to successfully accomplish this.
  4. Get a good grip. You should use a glove with special grips on them in order to add power to your golf swing.
  5. Your grip better be in the right place. With palm side up, make sure your club sits in your palm, resting across the middle of your fingers before gripping the club. This should ensure it's gripped in the right place.
  6. Beef up your off arm. For you, this means making sure your right arm and hand are in prime condition to help with those huge hits.
  7. Don't let them fool you. You're friends might try to make you think that you can't play golf left handed, but don't listen to them. They're just trying to put you off your game. Instead, show them how effective your game really is when being played left handed.
  8. Share some knowledge with your friends. Tell them that less than fifteen percent of the golfing population does so left handed, which makes your gaming skills pretty impressive.
  9. Invest in a book or DVD. Nowadays there are a few tutorials to choose from to learn great left handed golfing techniques so take advantage of them.
  10. Alignment is key. Perhaps more important for left handers than for those who play with right hands, it is imperative to make sure your alignment is straight so you have more power over the ball.


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