10 Lesbian Signs

So, if you want to know if someone is a lesbian, what are 10 lesbian signs to look for? Some lesbians are very open about their sexual orientation, but others do not wish it to be known and are really good at covering up their lesbian signs.

  1. Lesbians feel the same as men do about women they are interested in. Lesbians are often attracted to beautiful women, or women who are very intelligent. They flirt with them the same way men do. Flirting with women is one major sign to look for.
  2. A lesbian’s attraction is based on feelings more than physical attributes. A lesbian is more interested in how the other woman makes her feel than whether or not she has a good body. She just knows that she wants to spend more time with that person than any other women she knows.
  3. Is there a sparkle in her eyes? When looking at an object of desire, the pupil dilates to let more light in. This dilation causes the eye to have a sparking effect and allows the person to see their object of desire better. Glistening eyes is one sign you can recognize if a lesbian is interested in you.
  4. Does she try to sit really close to you? Wanting to be near you causes a lesbian to sit really close to you when you are out together. If she keeps getting closer, this is one of the signs she is interested in you.
  5. Does she move away if your body touches when sitting close? Another sign that shows a lesbian may be interested in you is if she sits really close to you and stays that way instead of moving slowly away from you. If she inches away from you, this may show that she is not interested and is uncomfortable with your bodies touching.
  6. Is she always complimenting you? Another sign a lesbian may be interested in you is that she will say nice, complimentary things to you. This is another way of showing her feelings.
  7. Does she open the door for you? When you go somewhere with her, does she open the door for you? Does she show how she cares by doing gentlemanly things? This is her way of showing interest in you.
  8. Does she appear to always be looking at you? Much like a man, a lesbian woman who is interested in you will be unable to get her eyes off of you. She will spend most of the time you are together looking at you.
  9. Does she discuss past relationships with her partner? Many times lesbians will refer to their partner or significant other when discussing past relationships. If you really want to know if she is a lesbian, try to get her to talk about those past relationships.
  10. Does she interact with women and shy away from men? Many lesbians limit their contact with males and focus solely on women. If they date a man it is only as an acquaintance, not as a love interest.

These are only signs that a woman may be a lesbian. There is no real way to know if she really is unless she decides to make it openly known. Remember, all lesbians do not dress like tomboys, and those women who do are not necessarily lesbians. Many lesbians are beautiful, attractive women.  Some marry, some date, and some never reveal their inner desires.

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