10 Lines To Pick Up Women

Here are ten lines to pickup women. Don’t get us wrong—women enjoy it when men pay them compliments, but they are definitely not falling for those cheesy pickup lines like “Your feet must be hurting because you have been running through my mind all day.” You have to come up with something better than that. Flattery will get your foot in the door, but being genuine will get you a lot farther and these pickup lines should help.

  1. "I don’t mean to be forward but your hair style looks beautiful on you." This is a subtle pickup line, women pride themselves on their hair. They spend countless hours at the hair salon making it look good and they enjoy getting compliments on their hair, especially from someone they don’t know, it leaves them a little speechless, but in a good way.
  2. Go up to her and say "did you realize you had a spot light on you? Because all eyes are on you, I guess I was the bravest one to approach you. Please don’t make me look to bad for coming over here."
  3. "I bet you have the voice of an angel, because you have the face of one." Say I’m sorry if you just get tired of hearing compliments all day. It was just so hard to resist saying something to you.
  4. "Are you a professional makeup artist?" Your makeup looks flawless on you, quick way to strike up a conversation. Continue by saying I don’t mean to insult anyone, but I have seen women that wears so much makeup you can’t tell what they look like, but yours accentuates your beauty.
  5. Just go up to a woman and say "thank you." When she says for what say "you were the first reason I’ll had to smile all week and I would like to know how I can repay you." Then introduce yourself.
  6. "I was wondering why it was so dark in here than it got so bright. Then I realize it was because of your smile. You are like a ray of sunshine, you can brighten an entire room." Women don't mind pickup lines when they are sweet.
  7. "Excuse me but I think I just develop Asthma because of you. You really took my breath away."  I’m sure you will take hers away; she want know what to say.
  8.  "I just wanted to warn you, you may want to leave here soon you are about to cause a riot." When she asks how, say you got every guy in here excited and every woman in here mad. This may be a bold pickup line, but one I'm sure will make her laugh.
  9. "Please forgive me for staring, but it’s not often I lay eyes on someone as beautiful as you. I didn’t want you to walk away without me getting to meet you. I hope you don’t mind me asking your name?"
  10. Say "hi I don’t believe in gambling, but I’ll bet you will be leaving here with my number." Women like a guy with a sense of humor. Even if some of the things they say are corny.

Sometimes women play hard to get or maybe they just get tired of guys using the same old tired pickup lines. Try to be a little more original. Hopefully these ten pickup lines will do the trick.

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