10 Living Room Decorating Ideas For Men

The following 10 living room decorating ideas for men are practical and comfortable. A manly living room must be low-maintenance, with plenty of storage space, a sofa that can stand the sight of food and a coffee table that doesn’t mind moonlighting as a footstool. Even so, a living room decorated for men doesn’t have to lack sophistication. By decorating with items reflective of men’s passions, you can bring grace and elegance even to the simple decor men prefer. Here are ten living room decorating ideas for men to help you create a chic space that’s easy to upkeep and enjoy.

  1. Don’t hide the television. When decorating a living room for men, position the television in a place of honor, making sure there is no window on the opposite side to cast a reflection on the screen. If needed, shorten the legs of the television table to make it just the right height for easy viewing.
  2. Choose a comfortable sofa. The sofa is the main item of furniture in a living room decorated for men and should be as comfortable as possible. Select thick cushions for seat and back support, avoid unnecessary pillows, and give preference to dark corduroys or leather upholstery.
  3. Choose a sturdy coffee table. The coffee table in a living room decorated for men is often used as an ottoman. Choose a strong, wide table with enough space to accommodate feet and food side-by-side.
  4. Choose a cushy rug. Impart warmth to your living room decorating for men by adding a plush rug in dark, stain-resistant colors. Choose a rug large enough to cover the floor all around the sofa and coffee table as this will counter the bareness of the furniture.
  5. Add open bookcases. Add storage space and beauty to your living room decorating using modern, open bookcases. To keep the shelves looking neat, store games, movies and videos in wicker baskets, and be sure to set the stereo and speakers on the top shelf for the best quality sound.
  6. Decorate with hobby items. Replace art with hobby items when decorating a living room for men. Hang an old rifle over the fireplace or rest a golf bag in a corner. Suspend a skateboard on shelf brackets or diving gear from a hook and chain on the ceiling. Let the living room decor be a reflection of the user’s passions.
  7. Make room for wheels. Customize your living room decorating with the things men love most. Decorate shelves with model sports cars and motorcycles, and keep a remote control car on the coffee table.
  8. Add plenty of lights. Install a strong light fixture overhead with a dimmer for softening the light when needed. Place a side table by the sofa with a light that can be switched on for reading. Simplify your living room decorating for men with a single floor lamp that has a curving adjustable neck that can be pulled down, up or sideways as needed.
  9. Decorate with history. Hang a framed ancient map on the wall is a great living room decorating idea for men who love to travel. Display old car models to reflect a love of racing, old sailing ships for lovers of the sea, or sports memorabilia for sports fans.
  10. Decorate for lazy living. For a final pampering touch, add a mini fridge to your living room and position it out of sight beside the sofa. The fridge top can serve as a side table and a place to set down drinks without the need for coasters.

These living room decorating ideas for men focus on purpose and achievement instead of fluff and beauty. Functionality is of the highest value, and that in itself is decorative in the eyes of guys.

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