10 Long Distance Relationship Gifts

Finding any ten long distance relationship gifts isn't good enough. In order for you to really make an impression, your long distance relationship gifts have to be awesome. They have to be unparalleled. A long distance relationship gift that you choose to give has to strike a deep emotional cord with her. It should remind her exactly why she'd be in a long distance relationship with you in the first place. In order to find that great long distance relationship gift, you're going to need to use the information you have about you and her. Blend that info with your own creativity. Here's ten long distance relationship gift ideas.

  1. The power of music. Music invokes emotion. You need to incorporate music into your long distance gift somehow. Try this. Create a CD with a playlist of music. Here's the catch. Each song represents something in chronological order, that you two experienced together. Instead of labeling the disc with the names of the songs, label it with times in your relationship. Hold back the tears buddy.
  2. Personalized poetry. Girls love this stuff. They really, really do. Create a poem about your journey together, and what she means to you. Include it in the package being sent. Illustrative language is always the best. Break out the thesaurus.
  3. Your smell. Spray the gift with a cologne she knows you wear. Yeah, smell invokes memories even stronger than music can, especially if you guys were getting down when you wore the scent.
  4. A small scrap book. Fill it with memorabilia from your time together. Because it's long distance, any time you spent up close will be memorable: receipts, ticket stubs, a ketchup packet. Almost anything can be used if it reminds her of you two.
  5. A plane ticket. Man, she'll go nuts. It symbolizes you two seeing each other again. Not to mention the fact that she can redeem it at an airport and actually fly out and come see you. Yeah, yeah, genius.
  6. One flower. It doesn't have to be a rose. Make it a single flower from her favorite type of flowers. It won't even matter if the flower doesn't survive transit. The thought alone will make her shed some eye water.
  7. Your favorite photo of you two. Come on buddy. This needs no explanation what so ever. Just make sure the photo invokes warm, lovey dovey feelings.
  8. Something personalized. If you know some sort of food (that won't spoil), or something that only she loves, include it in the package being sent. It'll show that you pay attention to her. Women like it when guys pay attention to them. Seriously, they do.
  9. Love letters. The grown up cousin to poetry, these things can really make an emotional impact. There's no beating around the bush here. Just you telling her exactly how you feel.
  10. All of the above. You can mix and match all of these options. Choose things that you know will make the greatest pleasant emotional impact on her. Once again, you can't go wrong with stuff that's personal to her. Who knows, maybe your gift to her will cause her to relocate.
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