10 Long Distance Relationships Country Songs

When we think about 10 long distance country relationship songs, we first realize that long distances are never good for relationships. How can one partner truly get close to the other one when there are so many miles between them? One of the reasons why country artists excel at long distance love songs is because so many of them are truckers. That's not a knock against country folk. It's just a truism.

  1. "I'll Just Hold On" – Blake Shelton — The woman in this song is described as a "gypsy soul." In other words, she's the one that puts the distance between them, not him. "I'm just a stop along your road," he admits. And yet, he can't help falling in love with her.
  2. "I'll Wait for You" – Joe Nichols — Country singers love to tell sad stories. In this song, a woman is made to wait for her man. And when she gets sick and dies, she's forced to wait for her man at "heaven's gate." That's dedication.
  3. "Carrying Your Love with Me"George Strait — On this one, George Strait plays the traveling man. Whether he's in West Virginia or Tennessee, he will carry his girl's love with him. The good news, however, is he doesn't need to store that love in the overhead compartment on planes.
  4. "Love Remembers" – Craig Morgan — With this song, Craig Morgan reminds us that, while somebody may be physically gone, their memory stays with you. You don't forget what that pretty girl wore. You never forget how good that cute girl smelled.
  5. "I Still Miss you" – Keith Anderson — Separation can make a man do extreme things. On this one, Keith Anderson talks to friends, talks to himself and even talks to God. He's a desperate man.
  6. "Whatever It Is" – Zac Brown Band — In this one, Zac Brown is a man who usually loves at a long distance. "I've never been the type that would ever want to stay," he admits. But this time, he's found a woman that makes him want to settle down.
  7. "I Will" – Jimmy Wayne — Jimmy Wayne loves a woman so much, he'd even be willing to let her move away. "Let you go free, just sail away/If that's what you need," he sings.
  8.  "When You Come Back Down" – Nickel Creek — "You got to leave me now, you got to go alone/You got to chase a dream, one that's all your own."
  9. "One More Day" – Diamond Rio — This song speaks of a wish for more time with a partner, before she goes.
  10. "Tonight I Wanna Cry — Keith Urban — Who says real men don't cry? Keith Urban is a real man, and he's filled his separation with drunken tears.
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