10 Long Distance Relationships Tips

Plenty of couples are in long distance relationships nowadays, and these 10 long distance relationships tips are a great source to help you keep your relationship healthy and happy. Being in a long distance relationship, of however long of a distance, can take a toll on the partners, of course. However, thankfully, there are ways to keep your bond strong even when you are dozens, hundreds or even thousands of miles apart. Here are some of the best long distance relationship tips:

  1. Use multiple forms of communication. When there's a big distance between you and your partner, communication is key. So, ideally, you should use multiple forms of communication, including talking on the phone, text messaging, video chatting and writing letters, to keep in touch with your significant other.
  2. Have distance dates. While there may be distance between you, you can still have dates, as this is one of the best long distance relationships tips. For example, do the same thing, or something similar, the same evening, like see the same film or go to a similar restaurant in your respective cities.
  3. Talk about your feelings. Make sure you and your partner are communicative about your feelings. It's important to be open and honest with any partner, and even if she cannot be there to comfort you, it's great to know you have them for support.
  4. Keep your hobbies. Don't stress over a long distance relationship to the point that you lose track of yourself. This top long distance relationship tip will show you that it's good for you to enjoy being happy in your own hobbies and activities, even without your partner nearby.
  5. Visit as frequently as possible. Show your partner that you want to be with them by visiting however often you can. Even though there may be a big distance between the two of you, seeing each other as often as possible will show your girlfriend that you still have strong feelings for her.
  6. Be happy with yourself. Make sure you are happy with your own life. This is one of the most important long distance relationships tips since it is easy to feel controlling or jealous when your significant other isn't a short distance away.
  7. Surprise them. Whether it's with a random morning phone call, an unplanned visit (provided you know that she), or a gift in the mail, surprises will delight your partner and remind him or her why they're with you.
  8. Keep the balance. Balance is important in any relationship, so this long distance relationship tip is also an important tip for any couple. Make sure you and your partner are equals in a healthy, loving relationship.
  9. Play games together. This is one of the most fun of the ten long distance relationships tips. You can play games together online or on the phone, such as question games or computer games to keep the fun in your relationship alive.
  10. Send them homemade treats. Even if you're not a baker, you can surely make something easy, even simply molded chocolates. Your significant other will surely appreciate that you took the time to give them something straight from your heart.
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