10 Longboard Skateboard Tricks

These 10 longboard skateboard tricks will probably benefit anyone looking to get into the sport. These tips are guaranteed to make the amateur look like a pro, assuming you can successfully and efficiently pull off each skateboarding trick.

  1. The ollie. This is the most-used trick in any kind of skateboarding, even longboard skateboarding. The ollie is pulled off by popping the board with your heel foot and then bending your knees to rise with the skateboard, essentially pulling off a jump with your longboard.
  2. The kickflip. This is another classic that is right behind the ollie on the list of the most popular skateboarding tricks. To do the kickflip, you need to do the ollie and get into the air. Then, using your heel foot, kick the side of the board to flip it, and then catch it on your way down.
  3. The melon. One of the most common grab tricks for skateboarding on a longboard is the melon. To pull it off, you need to do an ollie to get some air, then grab the middle of the board while pushing the board forward with your hands.
  4. The 360. This is just an example of a spin trick, but it's a good midpoint because a 180 isn’t too hard, but anything above a 360 will be harder. These can be done on the longboard by simply spinning after you do an ollie, and landing it of course.
  5. The nosegrind. To do a nosegrind on a longboard, you need to find a rail or other surface that is good for grinding. After you have done this, get some speed going at the surface and ollie onto it, pushing the nose of your board towards the rail and sliding across on it.
  6. The nosestall. One of the most basic lip tricks, all you have to do on the longboard is ride up to the top of a ramp and push your board down onto its nose, holding at that position.
  7. The manual. This is the equivalent of doing a wheelie on any motor vehicle, but instead its with a longboard. The manual can be done by gaining speed and then going up on your back wheels, being sure to balance on them and keep the front wheels up in the air.
  8. The shove-it. This longboard trick involves simply spinning the board while airborne, using your feet to do it. It is good to add to other tricks, such as the kickflip, when you become proficient at it.
  9. The impossible. The impossible is a longboard trick that is basically a variation of the kickflip, and it is entirely possible! To do it you need to flip the board with your heel foot, but instead of doing it kickflip style, you want to flip it from the nose to the tail.
  10. The finger flip. An addition to the ollie, the finger flip can be a difficult trick to pull off. Basically, you’re going to want to ollie, making sure you get good air, and then flip the front of the board with your fingers!
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