10 Longboarding Skateboarding Tips

Before charge that gnarly hill in you neighborhood, check out these 10 longboard skateboarding tips.

  1. Start on flatland: Longboard skateboarding can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Start on flat land to get comfortable riding the board, kick-pushing, and turning.
  2. Learn to turn first: You’re going to want to learn to perform turns before tackle any hills. Longboard skateboarding is all about smooth turns. That’s the whole fun of it. Master flat turns before trying them on a hill.
  3. Start small: You’ve got to crawl before you can walk. Starting on a smaller hill will let you master longboard skateboarding turns without loosing control.
  4. Learn to slide: This longboard skateboarding tip is about fun, style, and function. Sliding is a great way to slow down or control speed on steep hills, or to throw some flare into flatland riding. Slides are some of the coolest looking things you can do on a longboard.
  5. Invest in sliding gloves: This longboard skateboarding tip will save your skin, literally. If you want to slide on steeper hills a handplant drag is absolutely necessary. Buy slide gloves or make them out of work-gloves and a cutting board.
  6. Invest in good trucks: This longboard skateboarding tip is especially important if you plan on charging especially steep hills. Speed wobbles are a death sentence on big hills. Make sure your equipment matches your style of riding,
  7. Learn about different wheels: You're going to want to choose wheels that match your riding style. Do you want grip? Do you want your wheels to slide? Get an al around set for your first board and then move forward from there.
  8. Wear a Helmet: Yes, charging with no helmet looks badass, but it’s stupid. This longboard skateboarding tip is especially important for steep hills or streets with heavy traffic, but should really be followed as much as possible.
  9. Use a lead car: If you’re doing a ling run with several riders you can use a lead car to set pace and warn incoming traffic. The best part about using a lead car is that you don’t have to hike all the way up the hill at the end of the run. Long runs are much more pleasant with a lead car.
  10. Wear pants: Road rash hurts. Everyone falls eventually so you want to be prepared for it. You don’t need to wear full leathers, but falling in shorts is not a pleasant experience.     
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