10 Lovely Asian Models

If you love the sexy ladies, then you're going to need this list of 10 lovely Asian models. Whether they are known throughout the United States, or more famous in countries abroad, these women are recognized as some of the most beautiful in the world. If you like your girls to be a little more on the sensual and eccentric side, here are some of the most lovely Asian models you can ever find.

  1. Rosemary Vadenbroucke. This elegant lady, born of a Russian father and Chinese mother is easily one of the most love Asian models on Earth. Her chiseled features and statuesque frame have been featured in many international fashion campaigns, especially in France, where she happened to spend most of her childhood. Her claims to fame within the fashion community almost overshadow her absolute beauty, but not by much.
  2. Miri Hanai. This curvaceous Japanese model was born in Tokyo. As a certified model, she's the subject of many photo books and DVD's that display her plump breasts in their fullest glory. Most of her fans love her the most when she's wearing a skimpy bikini.
  3. Sora Aoi. With a charming smile, bright eyes, and amazingly-large breasts, it's no wonder that she's considered one of the best lovely Asian models in the world. This Japanese beauty is the star of an entire catalog of movies and magazines, all of which display her assets to her adoring fans. Her curvaceous body and milky-white skin make her an easy fan favorite.
  4. Danielle Graham. This lovely Asian model had one of the earliest starts of her career, turning professional at the tender age of 16. Though she did a majority of her work in Hong Kong, she has appeared in a number of campaigns in major fashion destinations such as Milan and New York. She is most well known for her stint on the "oil of Olay" campaign.
  5. Kana Tsugihara. Soft skin, bright eyes, and an amazing set of breasts, what more can you ask for in a lovely Asian model? This beauty from Japan is the star of a multitude of magazines, print advertisements, and DVD's. Each one of these is artfully produced to show off her luxurious locks and gorgeous sweater puppies.
  6. Hyoni Kang. Possessing a delicate figure, a sweet disposition, and an amazing resume, Ms. Kang is easily one of the hottest Asian models in the business. She's fulfilled contracts with outlets such as "Harper's Bazaar" "Vogue Korea," "Teen Vogue," and "Marie Claire." She was also the 2008 winner of the Ford's Models Supermodels of the World competition.
  7. Misa Campo. This lovely Asian model has often been described as perfection in the female form. Half-Dutch and half-Vietnamese, this Canadian lady has almost everything, from the slim waist, large eyes, silky hair, and bodacious boobs. It's no wonder, to this effect, why she's so popular in the import racing scene.
  8. Maria Ozawa. This half-Japanese and half-French Canadian beauty has been stunning men all across the Internet for a few years now. One of Japan's most popular AV models, she's best know for her large eyes, pale skin, and amazingly curvy body. She is a mainstay in the Japanese adult film industry, so she's pretty much the embodiment of perfection in almost anybody's eyes.
  9. Natasha Yi. This sexy Korean-American woman is easily one of the most lovely Asian models out there. She's held minor roles in films such as "Rush Hour 2," "Cradle 2 The Grave," and is the first Asian-American model to appear as a showcase girl on "The Price Is Right." With a resume like that, you know that big things are in store for her.
  10. Si Tawinboon. This Thai lady is best know for her pixie-like face and amazing body. She has walked for the Givenchy Fall/Winter collection and "Elle" Paris earlier in 2010. Her statuesque features set her apart from the rest of the models on this list, which couldn't make us any happier.
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