10 Luxury Gift Ideas For Her

She's the love of your life and you've finally reached the financial state where you are looking for 10 luxury gift ideas for her. Here are some ideas for the gifts that tell her how much she means to you.

  1. Jewelry Luxury isn't always expensive, but it can be. There are many delightful pieces of jewelry for only a few hundred dollars and delightful pieces that run a couple of million. Whatever your budget, a bracelet, necklace or pin is a superb gift idea.
  2. Bouquets Flowers are always a good gift idea for her. They are expected at Valentine's Day, but what about a stunning bouquet to brighten the gloom of winter. Red roses say, "I love you." Alstroemeria is a symbol of a special bond between two people. Chrysanthemums are a sign of fidelity. Every flower has a meaning. Consult with your local florist for help in selecting the right mix of flowers that will be both pleasing to the eye and send the message you want.
  3. Chocolate A luxury item is something that is longed for, but isn't necessary to sustain life. It is, therefore, debatable to which category chocolate belongs. A bag of grocery store candy can assure mere survival. Luxury comes from a box of imported, exquisite, authentic, fine French chocolate handmade by artisans. Each work of chocolate art is nestled in golden foil bearing labels such as crème brulee, pear, raspberry, caramel, salted butter, almond and coffee. What woman won't agree that this is a great gift idea for her?
  4. Clothing Women like to select their own clothing, so unless you are getting her that outer wrap she always wanted, a good gift idea for her is a trip to the boutique where you both pick out a special outfit. No gift is so rare that it can't be made more pleasant by the addition of your time and attention.
  5. A trip to a day spa What woman wouldn't love time in a hot tub followed by a long massage, a new hairdo, pedicure and manicure? After her relaxing beauty treatment, she'll certainly be ready for sex.
  6. A night out on the town She'll love spending the evening with you at an exclusive restaurant followed by a trip to the theater. What turns the night into magic is the fact that she is spending it with you.
  7. Automobile She's spent her life carrying the kids around in the SUV. Now, a great gift idea for her is a little luxury model that is easy to handle, easy to park and especially easy on the eyes. She'll love you for it.
  8. Cabin cruiser Nothing says a luxury gift idea for her can't also be for the two of you. Wouldn't she love spending time out on the water with you or maybe a few friends for the day?
  9. A race horse, stocks and bonds in her name only or investment property is a good gift idea for her. If you've really made it big time and you feel like your special love helped you up that ladder, buy her a gift of independent ownership of something special.
  10. Trips Don't forget the most wonderful gift of all—you! Take her somewhere on a getaway for two. Watch her face light up when she opens the envelope with tickets for just you and her aboard that luxury cruiser or to the bed and breakfast on that winery tour she always wanted to take. Does she want a ski vacation in the mountains or a trip to a Florida beach? There are at least ten luxury gift ideas for her in trips alone.
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