10 Luxury Gift Ideas

Be sure to impress those you love with one of the 10 luxury gift ideas listed below. Luxury gifts may be expensive, but isn't love priceless? Show some class by giving luxury gifts.

  1. Diamond Tennis Bracelet. They say that diamonds are a girl's best friend. Diamonds are the perfect luxury gift for that special someone in your life.
  2. Rolex Watch. Nothing says luxury like a rolex. Rolex watches make great luxury gifts with their timeless beauty and reliability.
  3. Weekend Vacation. Everyone needs a vacation away from the daily stresses of life, and a weekend trip to a little paradise is a wonderful luxury gift. Whether it is Jamaica, Hawaii, or the South of France, a little get-a-way will revitalize life.
  4. Designer Cologne. Expensive cologne, such as Clive Christian No. 1, is an excellent choice for a luxury gift. Prices range from $650 for a regular bottle up to several thousand dollars. It smells great and is worth every penny.
  5. Big Screen TV. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show with a luxury home theater. A stylish big screen television is sure to be a welcome gift for any occasion.
  6. Espresso Machine. An espresso machine is a great luxury gift for coffee lovers. Espresso machines say class and are a status symbol. Who wouldn't love to offer their guests a cup of espresso?
  7. Luxury Car. If you are rolling in money, why not go for a BMW or Mercedes for your luxury gift? These cars are classic, stylish, and high performance.
  8. Award Show Tickets. Speaking of luxury, the opportunity to walk down the Red Carpet will get heads turning. If you have the connections, presenting award show tickets as a gift is perfect.
  9. Designer Cell Phone. An expensive cell phone is a great gift idea. It reminds those you love to keep in touch. Designer cell phones come in all shapes, colors, and styles, and have all kinds of features.
  10. Designer Handbags. The Diamond Forever Classic Bag by Chanel is just one of many luxury handbags that make a fabulous gift for all occasions. These bags are definitely a luxury. The price exceeds $200,000 dollars.

It feels as wonderful to give a luxury gift as it does to receive one. Surprise the special people in your life with luxury gifts. The 10 luxury gift ideas listed above should make your shopping easier.

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