10 Major Cities In Europe To Visit

For a somewhat unconventional transatlantic trip, here are 10 major cities in Europe to visit. Europe’s high concentration of major cities means getting from place to place is pretty easy. It allows you to pack a walloping dose of culture and experience into a relatively small time frame. While the other tourists are in London or Paris, you can take advantage of all that major European cities have to offer by venturing a bit off the beaten path.

  1. Brussels, Belgium. Having been ruled by every major power from the Romans to the Germans, the city of Brussels in Western Europe can be seen easily by foot or tram. It maintains a unique history, while offering modern markets and architecture to visit. Be sure not to miss the city’s borderline bizarre Atomium structure.
  2.  Dublin, Ireland. College age vacationers may not believe it, but the major European city of Dublin is a great place for young people. About half of its 1.5 million person population is under 25. Its heritage still intact, Dublin is a beautiful and fun European city to see.
  3. Edinburg, United Kingdom. European culture may be ancient, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the age of the extinct volcanoes that the major English city of Edinburg sits on. With a breathtaking landscape and the famous Edinburg Castle, this city offers plenty to take in.
  4. Florence, Italy. The claim to fame for Florence is the oligarchies who lived there during the Renaissance period. Travelers looking for historical significance and ancient cityscapes need look no further than this northern Italian city.
  5. Frankfurt, Germany. Though you’ve likely not heard of it, Frankfurt’s population of 650,000 qualifies it as a major European city. Largely destroyed during WWII, Frankfurt has since become known for its eclectic mix of old and new architecture and sights.
  6. Marsielle, France. The oldest city in France, Marsielle is often called the heart of the Mediterranean. Check out its huge port, fresh fish market, and Opera House during your stay.
  7. Madrid, Spain. One of Europe’s major capital cities, Madrid offers a break from the normally historically bent travel experiences. Its sprawling cityscape and inclusion of nature are cited as unusual and very pleasant. Take a stroll through the city’s Parque Del Retiro for a chance to see some of Europe’s best street performers.
  8. Munich, Germany. If your wife and kids will be accompanying you to Europe, the family-friendly city of Munich is a great place to visit. It’s got fantastic sights, window shopping, and eateries that will keep everyone interested and full. And at night, you can pay a visit to one of the city’s many beer gardens for a well deserved break.
  9. Zurich, Switzerland. From the city of Zurich, the entire country of Switzerland is becomes accessible. Those into “cottage industry” goods can hang around Zurich’s Old Town and shop, while the more adventurous tourists can take a cable car or tram to the country’s beautiful mountains and lakes.
  10.  Copenhagen, Denmark. The ancient canals and homes in Denmark’s city make it an ideal romantic getaway for the traveling couple. It has a roughly one mile area of concentrated sights, allowing for maximal enjoyment with minimal travel time. 
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