10 Male Actors That Have Been Cheated On

The list of ten male actors that have been cheated on looks like a who's who for young Hollywood. Nobody really knows the details, or even if the information is true, but here's the list of the actors purportedly the brunt of cheating girlfriends and wives. Some of the cheating incidents have become legendary Hollywood lore, much to the actor's embarrassment. 

  1. Dennis Quaid. Meg Ryan got the roving eye, purportedly, on the set of a film co-starring Russell Crowe. Crowe wasn't married, but Quaid was and the couple had a child. In a case of true Hollywood justice for the male actor that had been cheated on, Mr. Crowe did Ms. Ryan royal by dumping her for another woman. Payback hurts, as they say in Hollywood. 
  2. Dean Sheremet. Wife Lee Ann Rimes did him wrong with another actor Eddie Cibrian and the Hollywood tabloids picked up the story. The incident made the front of the tabloids but Sheremet kept his self respect. 
  3. Charlie Shanian. Tori Spelling supposedly did him dirt with Canadian actor Dean McDermott. Since there weren't tapes of the infidelity, it's difficult to say if this cheating event is a legitimate report or merely pulp fiction for the tabloids. 
  4. Billy Zane. British actress Kelly Brock stepped out on Jason Statham  with Billy Zane. Again, no harm, no foul without actual proof, but reports in the tabloids label M. Brock as the cheating kind. 
  5. Justin Timberlake. He's an actor, singer and a entrepreneur, but he's also a male actor that has been cheated on by his significant other. Britney Spears cheated on Timberlake, according to the rumor mill, with dancer Wade Robson. 
  6. Eddie Fisher. Elizabeth Taylor did actor Eddie, and later father to Carrie Fisher, wrong with Richard Burton in 1963. It seems like payback again was in order since Mr. Fisher cheated on his then wife actress Debby Reynolds with Taylor. Ouch. It's a cheating triangle of the worst kind. 
  7. Chris Robinson. Although both parties to the deed deny it, rumors have it that actress Kate Hudson cheated with actor Owen Wilson in 2007. It's a modern cheating story, so the real truth of the matter may come out decades later when one or all of the parties write an autobiography when they're old and gray. 
  8. Tim Robbins. The secretive Susan Sarandon may have cheated on her mate or the rumors may be just spin after splitting from her longtime sweetie after decades together and a family with children. Sarandon has been seen hitting the ping-pong scene with Jonathan Bricklin. Actor Tim Robbins is keeping his class and dignity by remaining silent about the entire situation. 
  9. Michael Wilding. More Hollywood old school cheating happened when the violet-eyed Elizabeth Taylor cheated on Michael Wilding with Michael Todd, both Hollywood tabloid headliners. Taylor went on to be involved in more unstable relationships and an infamous number of marriages. 
  10. Robert Evans. Although Mr. Evans began in Hollywood as a producer and then director, he turned to acting in cameo roles as his career waxed as a producer. When Robert Evans was married to actress Ali McGraw, she done him wrong with actor Steve McQueen in 1972 while filming "The Getaway." Obviously for both McQueen and McGraw, they didn't get away with it. 
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