10 Marine Wife Tattoos

This list of 10 marine wife tattoos is filled with options for the war widow. Being a marine wife is one of the hardest jobs in the armed forces. For the dedicated wives of marines, a tattoo representing their dedication to their husbands is a way to show support to their spouse and to their country. Before getting a tattoo, remember that the process is for the most part permanent.

  1. The She-Devil Dog. The first Marine wife tattoo suggestion is a take of the Marine's symbol of the Devil Dog. Change up this rough dog by adding bows on its ears or a pink collar around its neck. This symbolizes the softer side of your Marine.
  2. Dog Tags. Every Marine wears dog tags. This tattoo suggestion includes using a pair of dog tags with a wedding date inscribed with his and her names.
  3. United States Flag. Another idea for a Marine wife's tattoo is a United States flag with her husband's name around or above the flat. Both names of the couple might also surround the flag.
  4. Death Before Divorce. This take off on the Marine saying "Death before Dishonor" makes for a perfect Marine wife tattoo. Place the saying in a banner or turn it into a band to go around an arm or leg.
  5. USMCW "United States Marine Corp Wife" says it all. Place these letters over the heart or on the upper arm for a Marine wife tattoo.
  6. Portrait. What better way to show love for a marine than to place his portrait in full gear on your body. This Marine wife tattoo should be carefully planned and tattooed by someone proficient in the art of portraits.
  7. Beret. A Marine wife tattoo especially for the mates of Green Berets. Place the Marine's name or unit number on the hat to personalize.
  8. Name Banner. A plain, but to the point Marine wife tattoo is a simple name, rank and serial number. This information makes a great arm band or large banner for a lower or upper back.
  9. Eagle on a Nest. The Eagle holding up the world is a popular Marine symbol. Transform this idea into a Marine wife tattoo by using an Eagle holding up a nest. This symbolizes the Eagle keeping the home front safe.
  10. Semper Fi Support. Semper Fi is a common term used for Marines. Add the word "Support" to make a Marine wife tattoo.
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