10 Martial Art Tricks

Learning at least 10 martial arts tricks can take even the wimpiest of losers and give them a shot of self confidence. Not only can martial arts boost your self confidence but they can help you out if you get into a particularly sticky situation, and sometimes they just plain look cool. The following is a list of ten martial arts tricks and how to do them.

  1. Boxing the ear. Boxing the ear is a martial arts move that can be found throughout various styles of martial arts ranging all the way from Judo to simple street fighting. To box the ear you cup your hand and strike the ear. Cupping your hand like this creates a loud sound that can pop the ear drum in addition to the pain caused from the strike.
  2. The Standing Arm Bar. A standing arm bar is a technique that allows you to break your opponents arm. When your opponent goes to strike you, you take your arm facing his and put it around his elbow. Once you have his elbow firmly grasped in the crux of yours, push on his shoulder while simultaneously pushing inward with the crux of your elbow against the direction of his. When enough pressure is applied this way your opponents arm will break. 
  3. The Leg Sweep. The leg sweep knocks your opponent down making it easier for you to lay on the pain. To do a leg sweep you place your power foot behind your opponents foot and then press on their shoulder. This will cause them to trip over your foot and fall on their butt. 
  4. Wrist Lock. The wrist lock is a good move to use if your opponent gets the bright idea of holding you by the shirt. To do the wrist lock you grab your opponents wrist and twist it towards them, this hits the nerve inside the wrist and pulls the wrist in a direction it's not meant to go. 
  5. Scissor Kick. The scissor kick has little use in a real fight but can look very cool. To perform a scissor kick you simply jump up in the air with one foot and kick with the other. Doesn't work in a fight but looks very cool.
  6. Arm Bar. The regular arm bar only works if your opponent's already on the ground. Once your opponent is on the ground mount them (yes mount them) grab their arm and put your left leg over their neck. Hold on to their arm and arch your back under their elbow. This will push their elbow in the direction it's not supposed to bend and if you put enough pressure on it, it'll break.
  7. Arch Stomp. The Arch Stomp is a great way to stop a fight before it even begins. To do this you simply stomp on the arch of your opponents foot. The foot has all sorts of tiny bones in it that will break when you do this.
  8. Nose Strike. A well place strike to the nose can temporarily blind your opponent by causing their eyes to water up. To do this correctly strike upwards to the cartilage in the nose breaks and spikes.
  9. Roundhouse. A roundhouse is another fancy martial arts move, however if squarely placed this one has a better chance of doing serious damage. To do a roundhouse kick put your strong leg back turn your upper body in the direction you wish to kick and then let your strong leg snap when your upper body creates the rubber band like tension
  10. Block. This may one simple but overlooked martial arts trick can save you in a fight. If someone goes to punch you the proper way to block is to use the outside of your forearm to take the brunt of the attack and if you can push it away.
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