10 Martial Arts Street Fighting Tips

These 10 martial arts street fighting tips can be helpful if you're living in a dangerous area or if you're the type to be targeted by bullies. The following tips are meant as guidelines and should not be considered a substitute for actual training, but you should avoid going around looking for fights whether trained or not.

  1. If you live or spend time in an area that makes you more vulnerable to a street fight, it would be wise to seek self-defense classes. At the very least, workout, build strength and stamina, and practice making proper fists and throwing proper punches.
  2. Do not carry weapons if you do not know how to use them properly. In a street fight, especially with martial artists, there is a very good chance you will lose the weapon and it can then be used against you. Better safe than sorry. But if you wish to carry a weapon, take the time to train with it.
  3. Know your surroundings in a street fight. By knowing where you are, you have the ability to run away if the opportunity presents itself and you also will be able to direct your fleeing in the direction of a public area or police department.
  4. If outnumbered in a martial arts street fight, try to avoid being surrounded. If this is unavoidable, try slowly shifting your movements to encourage the others to move as well, widening their circle around you and creating gaps through which you can run.
  5. Watch other fighter(s) in a street fight to see if they appear trained in martial arts. Chances are they are just bullies, which can even the odds in your favor. If they appear to be trained in martial arts, it might be best to make a quick getaway once there is an opening to flee.
  6. If you find yourself in a martial arts street fight, and the other guy(s) has a weapon, do not go after his weapon. Even if you are trained in disarming techniques, it is best not to put yourself in harm's way by lunging after a weapon. Most disarming techniques involve an initial movement on the part of the weapon-wielder anyway and most people wielding a weapon in a street fight will expect you to go for the weapon first. Instead, if the opportunity is there, strike the opponent in a vulnerable location (e.g. throat, sternum, groin) and flee.
  7. If you must strike, always aim for key areas such as the throat, sternum, groin and vital organ locations. Striking first can give a bit of surprise to your actions, but the surprise will not last, so be quick and decisive. These locations are often taught in self-defense classes, as well as useful techniques for striking efficiently. If outnumbered, strike as hard, fast and accurately possible, and turn and run fast.
  8. Try not to advertise your moves or strikes. You can easily give away your movement by taking a deep breath before attacking, facial expression changes when you see an opening or basic movements like drawing back your fist to throw an old fashioned punch.
  9. When running away from a martial arts street fight, you will only have a one- to two-second break before the others pursue you. If you know this and expect it, after taking one to two steps, you can lunge a back kick or back fist behind you, being sure to look as you do and keep running. This might slow the pursuit by a second or two more, giving you time to get away.
  10. Almost all street fights, martial arts or otherwise, end up on the ground. The longer you remain in the situation, the greater the chances you are going to need some grappling techniques. It is best to try and flee the fight, but if you find you are in areas that might make fleeing a street fight difficult, it could be beneficial to practice grappling techniques in a local school.
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