10 Maui Surfing Tips

If you are researching for 10 Maui surfing tips, you are one lucky bastard. Maui is a magical spot in the middle of the sea with epic surf, white sand beaches, jungles and unlike most of Oahu, Maui still has plenty of aloha. You’ll spend half your time amazed at the tropical bliss and the other half wondering, "How can I stay here forever…?"


  1. Quiver. One of the best Maui surfing tips is to bring some variety to be ready for anything. Steep walls at Honolua bay work with fish but you should always keep a longboard ready to cruise the wandering sand breaks on the Kihei side.
  2. Rent a car. Maui has many surf breaks you can hit up from your condo or resort in less than three hours. Many people think since there is a beach outside their door they will be happy. And they will…but driving around the island to the numerous surf spots, clubs, beaches, waterfalls and caves is even better.
  3. Sun. If you are from the mainland, you need all the Maui surfing tips you can get like the sun is hot. Really hot. Notice how locals are always in the shade while the tourists blister in the sun? You are closer to the equator here and boy will you feel it. Use SPF 30-80 sunblock and rashguards to lengthen your fun.
  4. Relax. There is so much to do in Maui from reggae clubs to chartering boats to snorkelling the volcanic crater sticking out of the sea. Pile that on surfing, tourist fun, hiking and you will be wiped out. Remember, this a vacation. Listening to the trade winds rustle through palms while you watch a whale jump out of the sea is awesome. 
  5. Food and water. People who experience tropical water for the first time never want to leave. It feels like you can surf all day. So, take breaks for food and water before you start cramping out there. Remember to give your body the fuel it needs to perform.
  6. Poop. This is one of those Maui surfing tips you may not find in a tourist guide…poop. If you are cruising around the north shore, there is a wastewater treatment plant there. Mind the waters east and west of Kanaha Beach Park. 
  7. Wind. Another nice Maui surfing tip is wind awareness. Maui is a world class windsurfing destination and with good reason. After 11 a.m., the trade winds kick up. Sometimes this is not a big deal but other times, it flattens the waves. The best solution for glassy surf is to dawn patrol.
  8. Feet. If you are used to surfing sand breaks, you will be happy to know there are tons of spots like that in Maui, especially for longboarders. But there are many reef breaks too and these are often the most coveted spots to surf. If you have mainland feet, you might want to invest in reef socks. Yeah, everyone will know you are a tourist but that coral is sharp.
  9. Starfish. Because of the reef, the surfing environment is often quite shallow. A good Maui surfing tip to keep in the back of your mind is to starfish. If you have to jump for it, spread out your body instead of compacting for a dive. A dive can be ugly in shallow water. If you starfish when you bail, you will hydroplane but hopefully, you won’t break anything.
  10. Localism. You can’t have a Maui surfing tips section without touching upon localism. Yes, it exists, but Maui is more mellow than Oahu. If you are respectful, wait your turn and keep cool when dropped in…you can surf anywhere without hassle. Maui locals are cool and stoked you are enjoying their breaks because they know when you are all pau with your vacation, you go home.
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