10 Meaningful Tattoo Ideas

You want to have at least 10 meaningful tattoo ideas to choose from since a tattoo stays with you for a lifetime. Consider the following tattoo ideas for something with symbolism and deep significance to your life.

  1. Names She’s a part of you, so tattoo the name of your love on one of your body parts. Choose your child's name or your own name. Tattooing the name of a departed loved one is an honorable memorial. Perhaps you want a classic old school heart with “Mom” over it.
  2. Religious symbols Mark your body with what’s in your soul. Choose a religious symbol like a cross, a dove or Jesus. Wear a Star of David. Tattoo yourself with a picture of the clouds opening and the hand of God or rays of light descending to earth.
  3. Words Think of a single word that symbolizes a major theme in your life. Tattoo “Peace,” “Love” or ”Courage” in a cool font, for example. Choose an Asian character for your word since the calligraphy is so beautiful. Just make sure you research thoroughly to make sure the correct Asian character is being used. You can find great short quotes to tattoo, as well.
  4. Flowers and plants Many flowers and plants symbolize ideas. Rosemary symbolizes fidelity. The red rose stands for love and passion. A four leaf clover means luck. Bamboo means longevity.
  5. Zodiac signs Choose between Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius or Capricorn based on the date you were born. Do research to find your sign. Look into the Chinese Zodiac system as well because you could choose a symbol from that system as a meaningful tattoo.
  6. Military service If you proudly served in the military, you may want to proclaim that to the world in the form of a meaningful tattoo. Consider a United States flag or you might choose the insignia of your branch of the service.
  7. Wedding rings A tattooed wedding ring stays on your finger forever. Perhaps you and your love can have matching wedding rings permanently marked on your fingers. This is a symbol of love and a very meaningful tattoo idea.
  8. Portraits Find a highly skilled tattoo artist with a portfolio of portrait tattoos done from photos. Give the artist a photo of the portrait you want on you. Get a portrait of your wife, your parents, your children or anyone you care about deeply.
  9. Heritage and culture Use a design from your heritage as a tattoo. Proclaim your roots with a tattoo of the national flag of your home country. If you are Irish, get a Celtic knot design. If you're Hawaiian, choose a traditional Hawaiian tribal design. Mexican tattoos can include skulls, Aztec calendars or Aztec gods. Research the designs of your own culture and heritage to find some meaningful tattoo ideas.
  10. Animals Animals have symbolism. Many believe that each person has an animal spirit guide. If you know yours, you can use it as a tattoo design. Traditionally, a lion symbolizes courage and royalty. The ant represents industriousness and teamwork. The butterfly means change and metamorphosis. An eagle can represent strength and be powerful adversary in battle. Choose the animal you have an affinity for as your meaningful tattoo design.
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