10 Memorial Tattoo Ideas

The 10 memorial tattoo ideas in this list are general suggestions for a very personal item. Each person expresses grief in their own manner and way. Always remember that a tattoo, by all conventional means are permanent and should not be applied without great thought.

  1. Banner. The first on the list of memorial tattoo ideas, and possibly the most common is a simple banner. The person's name, birth and death date are written on a banner and placed in an appropriate place on the body. The font style should be befitting of the deceased.
  2. Cross. The simple religious symbol makes the list of memorial tattoo ideas. Some choose to inscribe the deceased name or birth and death date on the cross or simply write "Gone but not Forgotten" around the symbol.
  3. Wings. Another memorial tattoo ideas includes adding a pair of wings around the person's name. These wings are typically representative of them leaving the earth.
  4. Angels. Whether praying or flying, angels are on the list of memorial tattoo ideas. Surround the angel with the deceased name or words or remembrance.
  5. Halos. Another angelic symbol, the halo is next on the list of memorial tattoo ideas. The symbol placed above a name or death date is a simple, but typically appropriate remembrance.
  6. Heart. Just as love is shown for the living with a heart, so do they represent our love for the deceased. This addition to the memorial tattoo ideas can be done in various shapes including lines of hearts with a letter in each or a large singular heart with the name and death date included.
  7. Portrait One of the most personal of the memorial tattoo ideas is a portrait of the deceased. Placing their face on your body is a way to forever see their face.
  8. Tombstone. The typical marker for graves makes the list of memorial tattoo ideas. A tattoo representing the actual tombstone or a generic picture with the person's information makes a tattoo to forever remember a loved one.
  9. Clouds. For the religious who believe their deceased love one has ascended to heaven, clouds make the list of memorial tattoo ideas. The person's name or other memorial words are written in the cloud.
  10. Representation. The last on the list of memorial tattoo ideas is a non-worded representation of the deceased. If the person loved racing, a race car or racing number is appropriate. If the person reminded you of a lion or a tiger, the animal would act as the representative tattoo.
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