10 Men Masturbation Tips Every Man Should Try

Men don’t just share their masturbation tips. Sitting around with your bros at the poker table or on the putting green hardly seems like the appropriate time to bring up the way you beat the meat. So avoid an awkward back nine by reading these tips and taking your masturbation game to the next level.


1. I’m Hot and I’m Cold:  Masturbate as you normally would. Have a cup or bowl with ice next to you. When you are about to ejaculate, grab the ice in your free hand. The sensation of the cold in one hand and the hot in the other hand will give you extra sensation.

hand in bowl of ice

2. PB & V (Plastic Bag & Vaseline): Fill a plastic bag with Vaseline and place your erect penis into the bag. Once you’re inside, place the bag with your penis still inside between the mattress and box spring of your bed. Pump in and out until you reach orgasm. This method not only feels really great but there is no mess, except to wash off your penis.

3. Stop and Go: For this tantric method you will use your preferred way of masturbating. When you feel you are very close to orgasm, STOP! Put your hands behind your head so that you are less tempted to reach down and continue. Do this about three more times or until you simply cannot stand it any longer. Finally let yourself climax. When you finish this time, it will have been worth the wait.

4. Hot and Wet: Get a towel, soak it with hot water and ring it out so that it is not dripping wet. But you want the wet heat, it adds to the feeling. Put a condom on. Wrap the towel (not too tightly) around your penis. Pump in and out of it. The wet heat feels fabulous!

hot towel

Trust us don’t use water that is actually boiling.

5. Keep Up: Turn on your favorite porno and imagine you are the one doing all the different things to the girl in the movie. While hearing the noises on the movie and using your imagination, you should have no trouble at all coming to a quick orgasm.

6. Pillow On Top: Lay on your back and pull a pillow on top of you. Have your erect penis flat on your abdomen. Pull the pillow over your penis. Rub it back and fourth; you can also thrust your hips for added feeling. This will give the sensation of a woman on top.

7. Water Wings: Get a pair (they only come in pairs) of children’s water wings. Blow them up as much as possible. Coat the inside with baby oil. Insert your penis and pump away. The walls will be enclosed on your penis and feel fantastic. Is it creepy? Yes. Does it feel amazing? Also yes.

Water wings

8. The Two Hander: While masturbating, the scrotum gets overlooked. In this method they become a part of the orgasm. While masturbating in any way you like, take your other hand and lightly and slowly massage your scrotum. This will add to your orgasm with little added effort.

9. Banana Hammock: Buy a banana make a small slit in the side and tip. Scoop out most of the banana, but leave some of it as it makes a great lube. Slide it over your erect penis, lay on your stomach and slide up and down. The smoothness of being able to slide in and out will have you wanting to get more bananas soon.

banana peel

Whatever you do don’t eat the banana afterwards!

10 The Old Fashioned: After all this experimentation it’s still important to give your self a baseline of self love. So don’t forget to return back to your standard style every once in a a while. Think of it as the control group for your scientific process.

After reading this you have learned more ways to diddle your dingle than you ever thought you would know. And you can still comfortably look your golf friends in the eye. So get out there and try something new the next time your alone!



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