10 MMA Fighting Tips Not To Follow

The 10 MMA fighting tips not to follow can get you maimed or killed if you're not careful. While a lot of guys think they're tougher than they really are, trying to make use of these MMA tips will quickly, and painfully, reveal the truth.

  1. Stand and strike. Most fans love the stand and strike more than anything else in mixed martial arts. However, think twice about using it if you're ever in a fight. Every punch you throw leaves you open. Depending on the skill set and reach of the other fighter, you could be taking a nap quite early,  
  2. Kick-box. Of the MMA fighting tips not to follow, this is probably the one you should most avoid. Kickboxing leaves you even more vulnerable than the stand-and-strike. With one leg off the ground and your hands in an open position, you better hope the kick connects, or there could be a takedown or much worse in your immediate future.
  3. Attempt the spinning back fist. For how little it connects, it is surprising to see that MMA fighters still use it. While landing it can do quite a bit of damage, it more often keeps you from being in any position to recover should your opponent avoid and charge.
  4. Take it to the ground. The problem with choke holds is that any novice thinks he can apply one if being dominated in the stand-up game. Of the MMA fighting tips not to follow, this one can leave you defenseless and at the mercy of a skilled competitor. Never give up the high ground unless you are skilled in submissions.
  5. Hook the leg. Of the MMA fighting tips not to follow, this one is the most tempting. Hooking the leg to get an opponent to the ground can put you in a position of authority. However, attempting to do so can also leave you open for a fist or a knee, both game-changers.
  6. Ground and pound. Sometimes a position of power can lead to overconfidence and big trouble. If you find yourself in the ground and pound position with a skilled submissions fighter, be careful. All he has to do is catch a strike attempt and turn it into an arm bar, which will see you tapping out in a hurry.  
  7. Apply the guillotine. The guillotine seems like it may not be one of the MMA fighting tips not to follow, but not so fast. It will only work if fully applied. While you are trying to lock it in, your opponent could decide to pick you up and slam you to the mat.
  8. Rear naked choke. The rear naked choke leaves your back exposed to the mat, and presents the same problem the guillotine does. Should your opponent regain his feet before you can lock it in completely, you could be taking a painful tumble to the mat.
  9. Suplex. Of the MMA fighting tips not to follow, going for a suplex is one that could potentially benefit you. However, once you land it, you'd better hope that it has the desired effects, or you could leave yourself in position for a rear naked choke or guillotine submission.  
  10. Upkick. Some fighters will take to the ground and try to use a powerful upkick to fight a circling opponent. Big mistake. You are already giving up the high ground. If your opponent gets around your kick, he finds himself in prime pouncing position, ensuring a bad day at the office for you. Of the MMA fighting tips not to follow, this is one that could find you needing the most stitches.
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