10 MMA Grappling Tips

Anybody who is interested in MMA, whether it be fighting or watching it, could use 10 MMA grappling tips to know how to take someone down, maybe to use while they are playing grab all. These tips will ensure that you kick off your MMA career with as much of an advantage as possible. They are also designed to keep you safe from harm that may be caused by an inadequate technique.

  1. When grappling in MMA, make sure you pace yourself so you don’t lose all of your energy. This is probably one of the most important things you can learn about MMA grappling. If you tire yourself out too quickly, you will be bound to make careless mistakes.
  2. As you learn moves for MMA grappling, make sure to learn the counter for the move. This will help you in two different ways. The first one being that you will become a “master” at this specific move by knowing both the offensive and defensive aspects of the move. It will also help you because you can know what to look out for when you try to use the move!
  3. Be sure to keep calm while grappling in any form. One of the quickest ways to make mistakes and forget everything you’ve learned is to freak out when someone gets you in a headlock. The best way to keep calm is to take yourself out of the situation and ask yourself: A) what move is being used on you and B) how to counter it.
  4. While MMA grappling, make sure that you learn how to control and maintain a constant breath. One of the first natural reactions to a stressful situation is to hold ones breath; it’s just how humans work. But if you focus on maintaining a constant breath, and more importantly, on avoiding holding your breath, you will be a much more efficient fighter.
  5. When grappling in any form, if you have exhausted all of your options, don’t be afraid to tap out. This may sound like a wimp move, but there are many athletes who wouldn’t tap even if they turned blue. But  whether you can trust your opponent to let you go without a tap so you don’t go unconscious is a gamble that you should not be willing to take.
  6. Do some strength training on the benches for grappling momentum! Being a gargantuan isn’t necessary, but make sure you are powerful enough that you can control yourself when pulling off your moves! Look into different strength training for different muscles in order to have the power to control your MMA grappling.
  7. When doing any kind of strength training to increase MMA grappling ability, do a few reps with heavy weights. It is common knowledge among weightlifters that doing 5-8 reps of a heavy weight is your best bet at getting strong. Doing anymore reps than that means you should go up in weight because if you don’t, you’ll just get ripped and not strong.
  8. Focus during everything you do. This is an important tip because there are many people who will focus while they are fighting but not while training, or vice versa. This is a bad habi. You should always focus on what you are doing. Not practicing focus at all times could mess up and make it harder for you to catch your mistakes.
  9. Use your size to your advantage when grappling. If you are small, get around your opponent and dodge and be nimble. On the other hand, if you are bigger, be aggressive and manhandle your opponent!
  10. Don’t be afraid to train with people more advanced than you. They will teach you stuff by showing it to you in the ring, and this is also a great way to build up endurance when grappling!
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