10 Models Who Are Too Thin

Below are 10 models who are too thin. Anorexia is an international problem and extremely thin models can become role models for detrimental behavior. The fashion industry has taken steps to make sure models are healthier looking in recent years. Madrid Fashion Week was one of the first fashion shows to enforce that models needed to have a healthy body mass index (BMI) or show that they are in treatment for anorexia. Brazil Fashion Week has also adopted the ban, but does not actively enforce the ban. 

  1. Kamila Filipcikova– She is a Slovakian model who has walked the runway for fashion icons such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Christian Dior and many others.
  2. Inna Philipenko – A Russian model who is too thin, and looks as though she could blow away if the wind blows too hard.
  3. Kate Somers – One of the thinnest models, and has been rumored to have a body mass index (BMI) of between 13-14. Which makes this model too thin.
  4. Snejana Onopka – Even though she has gained some weight in the last few years this Ukrainian model is still extremely thin.
  5. Andreea Stancu – A popular Romanian model, she has a 23” waist on a 5’11” frame. Which is extremely thin for her height.
  6. Hana Soukupova She is another popular model getting many covers and appearing in over 500 runway shows and print ads. Born in the Czech republic she is easily one of the most recognizable models. She is one of many models who are too thin.  
  7. Natasha Poly – She has had countless international Vogue covers. The bones of her chest and back show in many of her pictures, she is one model who is too thin.
  8. Julia Stegner  She is another model who is too thin, but still has the energy to play basketball and be an ambassador for UNICEF.
  9. Esther Cañadas With a BMI of only around fourteen, this is one Spanish top model who is too thin. She is no longer welcome to participate in Madrid Fashion Week because of her low weight.
  10. Darla Baker – Darla Baker is a fashion model who is too thin. Her legs are almost reminiscent of toothpicks.
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