10 Models Who Got Fat

Unfortunately, many hot models get criticized when they are nowhere near fat, but these 10 models who got fat have no business calling themselves " models." If people wanted to look at "real women" they wouldn't read magazines. While the media should not be promoting anorexia, they should not be promoting diabetes either:

  1. Tyra Banks. When Tyra was a supermodel, she was already a size 8 (considered "very curvy" in the modeling industry); Now she is unequivocally fat.
  2. Jessica Simpson. While she is not obese by any means, she is on her way and definitely too large to be on the cover of a magazine.
  3. Karolina Kurkova. No one really cares if it is "post-baby weight" or "hypothyroidism." Many former fans were outraged at the criticism of "a little bit of cellulite" but as Karl Lagerfeld stated, "fashion is about dreams and illusions," so there’s no room for a round body on the runway.
  4. Rachel Hunter.  This former Cosmo and Playboy model is now starring in the reality TV series, Celebrity Circus (yes, she performs in a circus). Her Lion taming outfits could be kind of hot in some unusual porn-type fantasy, but only if she lost about 75 pounds. As is, it looks like she is the baby elephant.
  5. Lizzie Miller. You might have seen her posing for the "Dove Campaign for Real Beauty." Yes, she does look like an "average woman" with her 180 pound frame pouring over the chair, but again, people don't read fashion magazines to look at average women.
  6. Katie Green. Wonderbra is for women who don't have boobs. If you are too big to fit into the bra, you can't sell it.
  7. Crystal Renn. Formerly a a Vogue model, now a size 14.
  8. Kate Dillon. When she was 16 people said she would be the next Cindy Crawford. Now she is doing plus size ads.
  9. Sophie Dahl. Another former Vogue model who is now gracing the advertisements of Lane Bryant (a clothing line for "full figured" women").
  10. Anansa Sims. Sims originally lost 40 pounds and moved to New York, determined to become a model. Now she has gained back the 40 pounds, plus some, and has joined the ranks of other models who have gotten fat on the Dove Campaign for "Real Beauty."
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