10 Models Who Smoke

Ever wonder what models smoke to keep those girlish figures. Smoking is a known appetite suppressant and glamorous models use this filthy habit to look glamorous while getting rid of their appetites.

  1. Ana Beatriz Barros. Supermodel Beatriz has the habit of lighting up a cig. This 27 year old model and icon was a Victoria's Secret girl and she was also the covergirl for UK GQ magazine for the month of August 2009.
  2. Agyness Deyn kept the smoker's company. This English model and singer began working at age 13. She worked in shops and diners and was always in an environment full of smokers. This no doubt contributed to her lifestyle of cigaretter smoking. Agyness has appeared in Vogue, Style and Life magazines. Recently, she has ventured into acting a bit.
  3. Rebecca Romijn has the habit. She was born in Berkley California and is of Dutch ancestory. She is fluent in three different languages. She lived 2 years of her life in France while promoting her modeling career. Rebecca has even appeared in movies such as Austin Powers, The Spy who Shagged me and X-men 2. Rebecca Romijn has admitted to being a smoker on several occasions.
  4. Sophie Dahl takes a puff. The once voluptuous model has dropped 8 sizes recently. She is now a thin and still very beautiful. Her smoking habit may have helped this beauty to lose so many pounds. Regardless, Sophie is known to smoke cigarettes and remain a glamorous icon in the fashion world.
  5. New Zealand born Kylie Bax is also a known smoker. This supermodel/actress has been featured on Marie Claire and Vogue magazines since 1999. Bax has also appeared in several movies.
  6. Adrianna Lima started smoking at a young age. This Brazilian model was thrown into the fashion world at 13. Her career grew fast and Adrianna indulged in many pleasures including smoking. By the time she was 16, she was a member of Elite Model Management.
  7. No wonder Christie Brinkley smokes. Her life has been a roller coaster of success and broken marriages. This beautiful supermodel has been through it all. Being one of the most well known and loved covergirls, Christie has remained a positive icon in the fashion Industry.
  8. Even the first lady of France, Carla Bruni has an occasional smoke. Being the most beautiful first lady in the world, Carla Bruni more than enjoys her career. She has become one of the sexiest models of the world. She has also been at the center of the Political life in France. Just recently, this beauty had a sex tape that was stolen which revealed her most appealing appearance ever.
  9. Twiggy starting smoking too. The first supermodel to ever walk the runway was Twiggy. Twiggy Lawson changed the fashion world with her petite frame and striking features. Entering the modeling world at age 16, Twiggy quickly became an adult and started smoking with the rest of the girls she kept company with. Her success was so rapid that Twiggy became famous in a very little time.
  10. But no-one smokes like Kate Moss. kate Moss seems to be using cigarettes to maintain her model figure. It has been rumored that she is smoking at least 30 cigarettes a day. It seems that she is highly addicted to nicotine and has had no success with quiting. Despite her bad habit, she has maintained her beauty as well.
Although these ladies do seem to have a common habit, one thing is sure. They are still amazing beauties. They are some of the most beautiful models in the world.
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