10 Modern Rock Love Songs

Our list of 10 modern rock love songs features a wide variety of artists, genres, and types of rock music that you’ll be enjoying for the rest of your life! Our ten modern rock love songs focus on love between couples, children, and friends. No matter what type of love you’re interested in, you’ll be sure to find something that you’re looking for here! So without further ado, let’s take a look at our ten modern rock love songs in no particular order.

  1. Ozzy Osbourne-“Mama, I’m Coming Home” This hard-rock classic by former Black Sabbth vocalist Ozzy Osbourne is one killer tune. This song is fashioned as a modern rock love song to his wife Sharon, known to him as his “mama.” Not only is this a great modern rock love song to one’s mother but also one’s spouse.
  2. Guns ‘n Roses-“Sweet Child ‘O Mine” Another killer ballad, GnR’s classic from their first album, “Appetite for Destruction,” is one great modern rock love song. This song has been featured on various movies, television shows, and sporting events.
  3. AC/DC-“Love Song” While this may be the oldest song on our list, it certainly shouldn’t be discarded. “Love Song,” off AC/DC’s first album, is a beautiful love rock song with classy emotion and genuine love. This is definitely a great modern rock love song for the “Jean” in your life!
  4. Metallica-“Mama Said” Off their widely-successful “Load” album, “Mama Said” is an instant classic. This song is modeled after some of the personal struggles in lead-singer’s James Heitfield’s life. This is a great modern rock love song about the relationship between a mother and her son.
  5. Rammstein-“Strib Nicht vor mir” (Don’t die before I do) Looking to our friends across the pond, Rammstein offers up a great modern rock love song off their “Rosenrot” album. “Don’t die before I do” is a great love song about the relationship between distant lovers and their struggle to find one another again.
  6. Alice in Chains-“Love, Hate, Love” While this song doesn’t seem like a classic modern rock love song, “Love, Hate, Love” does an excellent job describing the romance between a man and a woman. This is a great love song for those going through tough times in their relationship.
  7. Bullet for my Valentine-“Tears Don’t Fall” Looking at something a little more familiar to our readers, this Bullet classic is widely-popular with teenagers and young adults. “Tears Don’t Fall” is an instant classic with it screams, guitar riffs, and realistic, loving lyrics.
  8. Oomph!-“On Course” Taking a look at another foreign favorite, “On Course” is a beautiful modern rock love song by popular German rock band “Oomph!” “On Course” is a killer tune about personal struggle and the pursuit of a female companion from the male perspective.
  9. Dir en Grey-“Akuro no Oka” (The Hill of Acropolis) Taking a look at another hit from a foreign rock band, “Akuro no Oka” incorporates the beauty of Grecian romance from the perspective of a man and his woman. This ballad is extremely beautiful with its excellent guitars and haunting lyrics.
  10. Rammstein-“Mutter” Our final modern rock love song deals with the love of one’s mother from the perspective of her child. “Mutter” is a killer ballad with killer vocals, haunting lyrics, and excellent musicianship. This song will quickly become one of your favorites off our list of ten modern rock love songs!
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