10 Mom Tattoo Ideas

These 10 mom tattoo ideas are a great way to either show a love for your mom or your love of a being a mom. Mom tattoos can be devoted to a mother or can be worn by a mother who is proud to be who she is and proud of the lives that grew in her body. Use these tattoos to make a statement either way.

  1. Baby Footprints. If you know a very skilled tattoo artist, you can take in your child's footprints from the hospital and ask to have those prints tattooed on. In addition to the prints, have the name of the child and the date of birth tattooed above or below the footprints.
  2. Profile tattoos. Mothers can have the profile of their child put on their body in the form of a tattoo. This is best done in an area that will see limited stretching through the years so that the profile tattoo will maintain it's detailed elements.
  3. Name chains. Name chain tattoos are tattoos that are made of names which are linked together. These look great on an ankle or wrist. For a delicate chain, use slanted, scrolled wording so that it looks more like a bracelet or anklet.
  4. Children's names. No matter where you want it, a child's name can be put on your body. Have the name written by itself or incorporated into some sort of design.
  5. Totems, symbols or nicknames. When children have special nicknames, spirit totems or even astrological symbols, these can be placed on a mother's body. This is a unique way of honoring your children without having to actually have a name on your body.
  6. Ribbons. Ribbons are the most common way to have a child or mother's name put on your body. These type of mom tattoos can stand alone or be incorporated into another design.
  7. Mother and children. Use animals to show appreciation to your mother. A bird in a nest with her eggs or babies is a delicate tattoo that symbolizes motherhood.  You can even use a flower to represent a mother. Make the flower the main tattoo with the same amount of petals as there are children.
  8. Use her favorite flower or collectible as a tattoo. For instance, if your mother collects "Love is" figurines, have a tattoo of a "Love is" character put on your body to represent your mother.
  9. Elemental designs. If you or your mother enjoy elemental designs, have her element, such as fire, water, earth or air placed somewhere on your body to honor your mother and her element.
  10. Binary coding. If you or your mother is an avid computer fan, why not use binary code to have the word "mother" or "mom" put on your body? You don't even have to tell anyone what it means. Only you and your mother will know!
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