10 Most Beautiful Asian Women

 With so many of them out there, finding the 10 most beautiful Asian women is like looking for gold in a pile of, well gold. For so many of them, the word "beautiful" and Asian women could be considered to be synonymous terms. To find the ten most beautiful Asian women in the world is an impossible task. If you asked 100 different guys to create such a list, you'd have a thousand different beautiful Asian women on those lists. Well, here's what we came up with.

  1. Tera Patrick. Beautiful Asian women are everywhere, yes everywhere. They're even in porn. Tera Patrick is so fine that she could've made a name for herself modeling or even acting in mainstream movies. But, she's so smart that she realized there's boatloads of money to be had tapping into man's greatest weakness, having sex with beautiful women. She owns her own porno company, and stars in a lot of her own movies. Then she sits back and collects the green.
  2. Mika Tan. We promise this list of beautiful Asian women won't only be comprised of porn chicks, but we had to mention this one. Mika Tan is a porn Goddess. She's beautiful and a total freak. All you girls out there wanting to get into porn, watch her and take notes. 
  3. Lucy Liu. A beautiful Asian woman that needs absolutely no introduction. She's a timeless beauty that happens to be great actress. What's even more impressive is the fact that she could kick your ass. She's heavy into martial arts, more specifically with knives and stick fighting.
  4. Zhang Ziyi. The volcanically hot female antagonist of the "Rush Hour 2" film, Zhang Ziyi has that kind of magnetic beauty that could pull a married man away from his family. Her dancer's body is absolutely perfect, with a face that could stop traffic. We can only hope she appears in more American movies very soon.
  5. Tia Carrera. This beautiful Asian woman was the only reason to watch "Wayne's World". Talk about a perfect figure and flawless face. Check out her eyes. They're guaranteed to hypnotize. Her bronzed skin is reminiscent of some sort of caramel treat. Guess what guys, she's even appeared in Playboy. It's the little things that bring us happiness. 
  6. Yumi Sugimoto. She's a Japanese model and actress. Like most models, she's freaking gorgeous. She's the definition of "love at first sight". Every new picture she takes is better than the last. Be warned, looking at one photo will lead to looking at more and more photos. Soon, you'll find yourself with an unhealthy Yumi Sugimoto obsessive compulsive disorder. 
  7. Erika Sawajiri.  This girl sings and acts. Oh, and she's hot. What a triple threat. Though you may need to dig to find some of her musical contributions, her aesthetic contributions to male-kind are very evident. Simply beautiful.
  8. Miri Hanai. This chick is fine, OK, freaking fine. She's a Japanese AV model, which means she takes a lot of provocative pictures in very skimpy attire. All we can do is pray that she ventures over into porn soon, very very soon. 
  9. Fann Wong. This beautiful Asian woman is one of the few actresses that can boast beating out Lucy Liu for a part. Check out the Jackie Chan flick "Shanghai Knights" One look at her and you can see why. The girl is capital B.A.N.G.I.N.G.
  10. Kumi Koda. Wow!. Another singer slash actress. She's very famous over in Japan for her vocal abilities. Frankly we don't care what she does. She could sell shoes. This woman's so fine she has her own gravitational pull with a sex appeal with the pure addictive power of cocaine straight from Columbia
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