10 Most Beautiful Black Women

It's impossible to point out the ten most beautiful black women in the world. There's entirely too many beautiful black women on the planet to single out ten. Asking someone to pick the ten most beautiful black women in the world is like asking a car aficionado to pick the ten best Ferraris out of a parking lot full of Ferraris. The point is, you ask any random guy this question and his choices of beautiful black women would differ from your own. Well, here's out attempt. Here's our picks for the ten most beautiful black women in the world.

  1. Halle Berry. Do you even have to ask how this beautiful black woman made the list. Halle Berry is every guy's fantasy. She really is the fine wine in the world of beautiful black women. She seems to get more beautiful the older she gets. She could be 107 years old and she'd still be on this list. 
  2. Meagan Good. The girl's got a beautiful thin framed body with a tight butt and a beautiful chest. Her caramel complexion gives her male fans a serious sweet tooth. But, these aren't her real claim to fame. Check out those lips.
  3. Lauren London. Talk about a magnetic beauty. When this chick hits the screen, no one else really matters. Be it a small part or a principle role, when people find out Lauren London's in a movie they go see it, period. She's the type you take home to meet the parents, even if you know nothing about her.
  4. Alicia Keyes. The siren. This sexy songbird is as talented as she is beautiful. With a penetrating voice and flawless beauty, this girl knows how to tug at a man's heartstrings. Check out the girl's body. Man, she's definitely healthy. To get a better look at it, check out "Smokin' Aces". She's one of those girls that would be on every man's beautiful black women list.
  5. Sanaa Lathan. Here's another sister with a simply flawless body. We would qualify it as the sporty type. She's done a lot of movies involving a lot of physical activity. Not only is she beautiful, she's in perfect shape. Check out her arms and legs in "Love and Basketball". Only Sanaa Lathan could look that damn fine in a pair of basketball shorts.
  6. Gabrielle Union. She's arguably the most beautiful brown skinned goddess ever to hit the big screen. Beautiful eyes, perfect lips and a body that makes all women envious. She's the reason love songs exist in todays world. She's another beautiful black woman that seems to get even more beautiful with age.
  7. Toni Braxton. There's no explanation needed for this one. She's Toni Braxton. Even if she wasn't a singer she'd be in the limelight somehow. It would be a crime not to share her awesome beauty with the world.
  8. Nicki Minaj. She wears some of the wildest costumes ever. Her hair looks like a barbie doll and her lyrics are off the wall. But under that stage presence is a beautiful woman. Some may argue that she hasn't been around long enough to make the list. Those folks are obviously blind. The chick is bad.
  9. Paula Patton. She is a scene stealer. Even her toes are pretty. Seriously, her pinky toe is the finest thing, well walking. It's as if Michelangelo sculpted her. She's the reason guys hate Robin Thicke. No, we really hate him.
  10. Kerry Washington. She exudes sexy. She breathes beauty. She's so fine when she showers, someone bottles up her bath water and sells it to beauty supply stores. No matter what role she plays in a movie the viewer knows they're in for an aesthetic treat. Hell, she could be in a silent film for all we care. The only problem would be not being able to hear her sexy voice.
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