10 Most Beautiful Boobs

With so many beautiful women willing to show off their breasts, it makes it nearly impossible to compose a 10 most beautiful boobs list. Though it's clearly a tough job, unfortunately someone has to do it. 

  1. Halle Berry Ever since her famous pool scene in the movie "Swordfish" where she revealed her lovely knockers, Berry's boobs gained much deserved notoriety. In fact, it was rumored she got paid $500,000 to flash her fabulous mounds, a rumor she quickly denied.
  2. Scarlett Johansson This talented beauty (along with her beautiful boobs) was recently named to Maxim's latest top 100 list. Aside from being a sexy woman with a stunning rack, Johansson has starred in many movies, most notably "Lost in Translation" where she was nominated for a Golden Globe.
  3. Charisma Charpenter This sexy ex-NFL cheerleader is so proud of her beautiful boobs that she once decided to show them to the world by posing for "Playboy." For those who have not seen them, they are absolutely perfect!
  4.  Monica Bellucci  This Italian Goddess has some of the best breasts in Hollywood. Not only is she willing to show them off on film, they are available for our viewing pleasure on the internet.
  5. Anna Paquin Though she may not possess the largest pair of fun bags in Hollywood, her beautiful boobs are still top ten worthy. For proof, simply go to the nearest video store and rent "True Blood." What you will see is a sexy fangbanger who is not afraid to show some skin. 
  6. Serena Williams Tennis' hottest female star is well known for her considerable backside; however, her front court does not go unnoticed. In fact, Williams is just as proud of her boobs as she is of her butt since she is often seen wearing shirts tight enough to reveal the outline of her splendid nipples.
  7. Marisa Miller It would not be fitting to come up with a list of beautiful boobs without adding a former Victoria's Secret model. Her exquisite breast can also be seen in numerous "Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit" issues. 
  8. Jessica Simpson This sexy, talented Texan can fill out a swimsuit like no other. If you want to see for yourself, simply pop in the DVD of her first motion picture, "The Dukes of Hazzard." Be sure to have some lotion handy
  9. Lindsay Lohan Arguably the biggest train wreck in America, Lohan still possesses some of the most beautiful boobs in Hollywood. Lucky for us she has been more than willing to show them.
  10. Shanelle Loraine Many people may not have heard of this sexy professional pool player, but all one has to do is search her name and the first thing they will see is her impressive pair of boobs, or in pool terms, a very tight rack.
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