10 Most Beautiful Cities In Europe

Choosing just ten most beautiful cities in Europe is challenging. Each city is unique and lovely in its own way. But there are certain places that seem to haunt visitors long after they leave Europe's shores. Let's look at ten of these cities.

  1. Paris, France. This famous city, also known as "the city of lights" has charmed poets, filmmakers, novelists and artists more than any other European town. Paris unparalleled in its romantic sidewalk ambiance, cobblestone streets and meandering river walks along the Seine. Famous for its cuisine and culture as well as its beauty, Paris is unforgettable.
  2. London, England. Few beautiful cities in Europe have as colorful and as well known a history as jolly old London Town. Well known for its royalty, its fires, its wars and its serial killer (Jack The Ripper) London has remained the center of the action in politics, fashion and culture. London is huge and therefore less intimate than other towns, which makes it all the more surprising at how uniformly lovely the entire city is, from the East End to White Chapel; from the lovely parks to the high end shops on Bond Street and all places in between.
  3. Edinburgh, Scotland. Of all the ten most beautiful cities in Europe, Edinburgh is probably the creepiest. This city dates back to the dark and middle ages and comes complete with an underground city of tunnels and catacombs that once held plague victims. Edinburgh is distinctly Gothic in style in the older section and smartly Edwardian in what is referred to as the newer section. Gorgeous cathedrals and formidable palaces make the most beautiful European city a place well worth visiting.
  4. Vienna, Austria. Austria was ruled by the Habsburgs, who made Vienna their home. Known for such extravagance that the court at Versailles was envious, the Habsburg's built a city equally extravagant and luxurious. The city center is dominated by a wide, cobblestone promenade surrounded by high end shops, secret royal tombs and a Gothic cathedral.
  5. Prague, The Czech Republic. Even though Prague is located in Eastern Europe, this most beautiful of European cities has no equal amongst its Western counterparts. From its green tipped roof tops to its historic statues and cathedrals, Prague has a haunting presence that can be felt even in the busiest of public streets.
  6. Barcelona, Spain. This gorgeous European city perched along the warm shores of the Mediterranean looks like something out of an Arabian fairytale. This beautiful European city is famous for its outstanding Moorish architecture that dates back to the golden kingdom of fourteenth century Islam.
  7. Venice, Italy. Venice is known as the city if lovers. This floating wonder is like a romantic wedding cake in its style and ambience. This is the most uniquely beautiful of all European cities, especially during Carnival season.
  8. Galway, Ireland. This charming Irish town is famous for its stone pubs and white washed decades old cottages. It's said that Leprechauns dance in the quiet streets at night, when everyone is fast asleep.
  9. Budapest, Hungary. This beautiful European city is perhaps the most underrated of the ten cities. Cut in two by the stunning Danube river and sprinkled with gothic churches and medieval bridges, Budapest is truly a step back in time.
  10. Amsterdam, Holland. With its lovely canals and cobblestone promenades, Amsterdam has a dignified beauty all its own. Tiny stone bridges stretch across the canals and drop pedestrians off in front of quaint brick store fronts and intimate side streets. This city is especially lively during tulip season.      
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