10 Most Beautiful Faces

Billions of women are contenders for the 10 most beautiful faces, but only the most distinctive looks and flawless complexions can be the best of the best. Hollywood keeps a nice supply line of beautiful women coming our way, while other pretty faces show up on the catwalks of Milan, but having reviewed all of the contenders, here are the ten most beautiful faces in the world.

  1. Jessica Alba Arguably the most beautiful face in the world is the one belonging to film star Jessica Alba. She combines Northern European looks with a sultry South American style. Eyes are drawn to her face, which really says a lot because her body is not bad either.
  2. Brooke Burke Sometimes you miss the forest for the trees and a good example of that is Brooke Burke's face. With delightfully large breasts and a smoking hot body, it is easy to get distracted and miss her stunningly attractive face.  
  3. Keira Knightley Keira has a classic look that is a throwback to the glamorous days of early Hollywood. She has a strong jaw line and penetrative eyes that say, "Do not mess with me." A British favorite, Keira has one of the ten most beautiful faces in the world.
  4. Megan Fox This young movie star is on the front page of a magazine every day of the week. People like looking at beautiful faces and sexy Megan definitely ranks as one of the best of her generation.
  5. Amy Adams She didn't become a movie star until in her thirties, but her looks must have helped her make that late charge and now that she has made the breakthrough, it looks as if she is here to stay. A light-skinned redhead with a smile like a princess, Amy is one of the most beautiful girls on the big screen.
  6. Halle Berry In recent years, her frequent nude scenes have drawn attention towards her boobs, but for years before she disrobed, Halle was recognized for her beauty. She has dark mysterious eyes, flawless skin and pouting lips that no man could resist.
  7. Eva Mendes Few women have such distinctive looks as sultry Eva Mendes. Dark eyebrows, deep eyes and large luscious lips are among her beautiful facial charms. Any man would fall for her with a look at her face alone and her bulbous boobs are just a bonus.
  8. Sofia Vergara This bombshell has risen to fame in the United States later in life even though she has been known for her beautiful face and sexy body for years in her homeland of Colombia. Vergara has a wicked glint in her eye and her flowing, dark locks enhances her dizzyingly attractive face.
  9. Betty Nguyen Not that many news readers qualify for lists involving the hottest women, but Betty is an obvious exception. She brightens up the newsroom on CBS and is one of the prettiest Asian women on TV today.
  10. Diane Lane The old ones are the best ones and Diane seems to get better looking with age. She still has the face that launched her career, but age has added some distinction to her looks. Without a doubt, she is has one of the ten most beautiful faces in the world.
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