10 Most Beautiful Filipinas

These 10 most beautiful Filipinas captured the hearts of the masses not only because of their exquisite beauty, but also because of their charms and wits. Filipino women have been renowned as the most beautiful and charming among Asian women.

  1. Ma. Venus Raj. This newly crowned fourth runner up in the Miss Universe 2010 pageant has captured the hearts of the judges and stirred controversy about her “major, major answer” during the interview portion of the event. A cum laude graduate in Communication Arts, her wits and beauty made her more popular than ever as one of the most beautiful Filipinas and a pride of the Philippines.
  2. Angel Locsin. This Filipino television and movie actress shows a classic beauty of a true Filipina. She was consistently hailed as one of the top ten most beautiful Filipinas for five consecutive years and garnered the top list as number one most beautiful Filipina in 2007.
  3. Anne Curtis. This Filipino-Australian beauty will continue to be on the list of the ten most beautiful Filipinas for many years. Her wits and charm as an actress and model won the heart of the masses who voted for her as one of the most beautiful Filipinas.
  4. Marian Gracia Rivera. Popularly known as Marian Rivera in the movie industry, this Filipina beauty made a name for herself as she blooms into a beautiful Filipina commercial model and later, a bankable actress.
  5. Bea Alonzo. A television and commercial model and actress, Bea Alonzo is currently hailed as one on the top list of the most beautiful Filipinas. She is very popular as a telenovela star and captivates the heart of the masses because of her natural Filipina beauty and good acting performance.
  6. Kristine Hermosa. This bankable telenovela and movie actress remain to be a favorite among Filipinos as one of the most beautiful Filipinas idolized by many. She has the charm with her smiles, making her well loved and popular.
  7. Ruffa Gutierrez. This actress and Filipina beauty queen, later turned talk show host, has become very popular because of her fashionable style and natural beauty of a Filipina. She was also crowned a runner up in the Miss World Beauty Pageant in 1993.
  8. Angelica Panganiban. This sexy Filipina is one among the most beautiful showbiz celebrities and one of the hottest models in the country. She possesses the true beauty of a Filipina exuding a charming personality.
  9. Katrina Halili. Despite her life as an actress being devastated by a sex scandal controversy, Katrina is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and sexiest Filipinas. She showed the strong Filipino character of a fighter after facing the sex scandal involving her with determination and a fighting spirit.
  10. KC Concepcion. Her demure beauty and simplicity is one of the reasons why she is one of the most beautiful Filipinas. She captivates people with her simple Filipina beauty, and her optimistic character is one of her strongest features as a beautiful Filipina inside and out.
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