10 Most Beautiful Girls In Japan

The ten most beautiful girls in Japan are young, talented, and immensely popular. Their careers run the gamut–singers and actresses, journalists and spokeswomen, fashion models and beauty queens. Known for their sweet faces, soft curves, sexy eyes, and sultry lips, these girls represent all that is beautiful in Japanese women.

  1. Noriko Sakai. Noriko Sakai, 39, is a Japanese pop singer who is especially popular in Taiwan and Hong Kong. “Aoi Usagi” or “Blue Rabbit” is her top-selling single. Early in her career, Sakai used the stage name NORI-P. The Japanese beauty recently made headlines in a drug scandal involving her former husband.
  2. Reina Tanaka. Reina Tanaka, twenty, is another J-pop singer and member of the Japanese girl group, Morning Musume. One of her best-known hits is “First Kiss,” which she recorded with other Morning Musume members in a group named “Aa!” The Japanese cutie also has a voice-acting role in “My Melody,” a popular children’s anime series from the creators of “Hello Kitty.”
  3. Asuka Hinoi. Asuka Hinoi, nineteen, is a pretty Japanese singer and member of the J-pop group, Hinoi Team. The hit singles, “Ike, Ike” and “Sing Na Na Na,” catapulted Hinoi to instant fame. The young beauty from Japan also models for Japanese fashion magazines, including “Nicola,” which follows teen fashion trends.
  4. Erika Toda. Erika Toda, 22, is another beautiful girl from Japan. Although she’s had very few starring roles in Japanese movies, the lovely young actress is known for her supporting roles in many popular Japanese television series, including “Gal Circle” and Beni Arishiro. She also appeared in “Death Note,” a live-action Japanese film series based on manga and anime graphic novels.
  5. Eiko Koike. The voluptuous Eiko Koike, 29, is a well-known Japanese celebrity. She made a notable film appearance in the 2002 film, “2LDK.” She is most popular as a ringside commentator and spokesperson for professional martial arts and wrestling events in Japan.
  6. Yumi Adachi. Yumi Adachi, 29, is a lovely Japanese actress, singer, and model. The petite brown-eyed beauty from Japan made her Hollywood debut in the 1997 film, “Star Kid.” Her most recent role was narrator in the 2006 movie, “Anpanman,” based on a Japanese children’s series. As a model, she is popular for her swimsuit projects.
  7. Beni Arashiro. Beni Arashiro, 24, is best known by her stage name, BENI. The pretty Japanese girl is a singer-songwriter of R&B and pop music. She is best known for her 2004 hit single, “Here Alone.” She has worked as a fashion model and actress, as well, playing the female heroine in an Andrew Lloyd Weber musical, “The Beautiful Game,” in Japan.
  8. Goto Maki. Goto Maki, 25, is a Japanese singer, songwriter, and actress. “Ai no Bakayaro,” or “Love’s Fool,” is the first song she recorded as a solo artist, while she was still a member of the girl group, Morning Musume. Maki hosts a Japanese radio segment called “SWEET BLACK Girls” that focuses on women in their twenties.
  9. Takako Matsu. Takako Matsu, 33, is an actress, pop singer, and songwriter in Japan. Her music reflects her relaxing, laid-back style and natural beauty. After her acting debut in theater as a teenager, Matsu won a Best Actress award for her role in the 2004 Japanese film, “The Hidden Blade.” She released her ninth album, “Time for Music,” in 2009.
  10. Norika Fujiwara. Rounding out our list of beautiful girls in Japan in Norika Fujiwara, 39. The former Miss Japan is a fashion model and actress. At one time, she modeled exclusively for “CanCam,” a Japanese fashion magazine. Fujiwara has also worked internationally as a journalist and spokeswoman, and she has done voice acting for video games and anime films. One of her recent acting roles was voicing Princess Fiona in the Japanese-dubbed “Shrek” films.
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