10 Most Beautiful Houses In America

The 10 most beautiful houses in America do not all belong to famous daytime talk show hosts. Of course, it helps to have this kind of money to afford the venue, upkeep and ancillary expenses of maintaining well-manicured yards and pristine swimming pools.

  1. The list of the most beautiful houses in America starts off with Oprah Winfrey’s gorgeous Santa Barbara, California mansion. Placed on 42 acres, the house itself measures 23,000 square feet and features a home theater. In addition to the gorgeous landscaping, she added a lake filled with exotic fish.
  2. Joel Horowitz owns a 20,000 square foot home in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Its 3,500-bottle wine cellar is an amazing addition; but it is the exterior chalet-style that truly sets it apart from other homes.
  3. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater in Bear Run, Pennsylvania is gorgeous. Even if modern architecture is not your cup of tea, the integration of brick and mortar into the nature scene is haunting.
  4. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Dana Thomas House, situated in Springfield, Illinois, is another amazing bit of architecture. The home is primarily for the entertainment of friends and family members and the rooms are apportioned for this purpose.
  5. William Randolph Hearst commissioned Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California. It deserves inclusion in the list of the most beautiful houses in America in part because of the various architectural changes that nevertheless form a congruent revival style; in part it also deserves the designation because of its Greek-themed pool.
  6. Built on 413 acres, a modest three bedroom, three bathroom home measuring little more than 2,800 square feet is another one of the most beautiful houses in America. Located on Savage Island, South Carolina, it melds with its surroundings for a stunning effect. Lakefront property, the home is flanked  by huge old trees and–because of the many windows–the owners have an unfettered view of nature.
  7. Pasadena, California, is the locale for the Gamble House. It is a mix of ranch-style meets Japanese Zen flair. The black exterior blends beautifully with the lush green landscaping and rock walls.
  8. Featuring 16,626 square feet and including twelve bedrooms and eight bathrooms, an impressive Westerly, Rhode Island home is a dead ringer for the White House. Splashes of color come from clever landscaping choices.
  9. Known as the Douglas House, the Harbor Springs, Michigan, home is true to its 1970s style architecture. The white exterior makes it stand out against the darker Lake Michigan, which makes it a tremendous eye-catcher.
  10. Rounding out the list of the most beautiful houses in America, an 18,000 square foot home built on nine acres in Southampton, New York, presents a visually pleasing mix of detail work and sprawling hills. What endears this home to onlookers is the vegetation that grows up on the walls.

Take a look at the ten most beautiful houses in America and allow them to inspire you. Even if most Americans won’t be able to afford these types of houses, the little touches that make up their biggest charms frequently only require a small out-of-pocket expenditure.

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