10 Most Beautiful Houses

The homes gracing the list of the 10 most beautiful houses might be surprising, if only because very few currently serve as homes. When locating the ten most beautiful houses, the trip spans the globe and, more often than not, ends in an ancient castle. Below is a list of the ten most beautiful houses and just what makes them so darn pretty.

  1. Versailles. This expansive home was built by Louis XIV, and the former royal residence contains 67,000 feet of living space. With almost every room containing gold work on the walks or ceiling, the home literally shines. Vast gardens and separate “mini-palaces” add to the general ambiance and make this home one of the most beautiful in the world.
  2. The White House. What makes this paragon of America beautiful is only its crisp exterior, but also its history. Transformed by presidents over the years, and at one time burnt to the ground, The White House contains some of the most elegantly sculpted gardens, architecture and furniture from American history.
  3. Windsor Palace. Built originally for William the Conqueror, Windsor Palace sits a short drive north of London, along the Thames River. With approximately 45,000 square feet of living space, the castle is one of the largest inhabited homes in the world. Size, however, isn’t what makes this palace beautiful. Magnificent wrought-iron gates cap the end of a tree-lined drive to the palace’s door surrounded by the sparkling grey stone of the home’s exterior. With all that to boast, there’s no wondering why Windsor Palace is one of the ten most beautiful homes.
  4. Bran Castle. Sitting high atop a Romanian hill, this castle is perhaps best known for being the home for Bram Stoker’s character, Dracula. That aside, the castle is exceedingly beautiful. Its colored roof makes it stand out from the surrounding idyllic green countryside. One look and it’s understandable why this is one of the world’s most beautiful homes.
  5. Castello di Strassoldo di Sopra. Situated in Northeast Italy, this castle has been owned by the Strassoldo family for over 1,000 years. Surrounded by luxurious gardens, several walls of the home itself are covered in delicately manicured ivy. Wood beamed ceilings and stone walls bring the rugged Italian countryside inside. For its picturesque Italian presence, this home is one of the most beautiful.
  6. Updown Court. In Surrey, England, in 2006 this home was the most expensive in the world. Crafted from rare materials, such as Italian marble, the home contains 24 bedrooms, each with a private marble bathroom. The driveway, too, is made of marble…heated marble. Wealthy persons in fear of coming under attack need not worry, either, because the house comes complete with its own panic room.
  7. Toprak Mansion. This home offers modernity and stylishness. Located in North London, England, this home greets visitors with a double curved staircase and glass elevator. The home’s pristine exterior is protected by even more pristine iron gates. In 2008, the house sold for fifty million pounds. While cost alone doesn’t guarantee beauty, it indicates that a house has some style. Toprak Mansion is one of the most beautiful homes.
  8. Hala Ranch. Located in Aspen, Colorado, this beautifully designed home contains a perfect balance of stone and woodwork. Plate glass windows over the entryway reflect the sky and make the residence appear as though floating. Surrounded by more than 95 acres of land, perhaps the beautiful home is actually floating.
  9. Hearst Castle. Halfway between California sits the home of entrepreneur William Randolph Hurst. The home contains an indoor pool modeled after roman baths and an entryway to rival most European castles.
  10. Balmoral Castle. Yet another British royal residence, Balmoral Castle is closed to visitors during the summer months, when the Queen is present. The estate sits on 50,000 acres and is accessible through a winding, somewhat unobtrusive drive. Don’t be fooled, though, what sits at the end of that drive is none other than the quintessential royal country residence.
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