10 Most Beautiful Naked Women

Compiling a list of the ten most beautiful naked women is a monumental task. It's on par with the size of the Washington monument, or at least makes you feel that way. For those that don't get it, there's probably another list somewhere for you, but for now, check out these beauties:

  1. Halle Berry. Even though she doesn't exactly get naked a lot, she’s just so hot that you think she does. The glimpses we have seen have been more than enough for most guys to imagine the rest. And for most guys that’s all we need. Just like back in high school, let your imagination do the rest.
  2. Vanessa Williams. This green-eyed beauty has looked good longer than some of the models on this list have been alive. She makes you want to put the milk in MILF.
  3. Indira Vharma.  Can you say Kama Sutra? Aside from being of Indian descent, this actress starred in the movie by the same name. And she's naked most of the way through it. And she’s beautiful. And… You get the idea. Hot oils might be needed while watching this one.
  4. Sophia Vergara. Mira. This Colombian queen is strikingly beautiful. Famous long before her American sitcom, Ms. Vergara has a bevy of photoshoots, videoclips and interviews online for anyone to see just how amazing she really is. With beautiful eyes and an electric smile, it's no wonder Hollywood came calling.
  5. Bar Raefeli. Out of the desert comes this entrancing model with an even sexier name. Youthful and exotic looking, she's the girl next door gone wild. One look and you might be hooked on this beautiful Israeli export. It’s a pity she doesn’t get naked more often.
  6. Kim Kardashian. Hollywood didn't exactly call but Kim kicked down the door anyway. She's parlayed pseudo celebrity and being a Hollywood rich kid into a career. Her penchant for the likes of Ray J and Reggie Bush gave her street cred, but it's her body that solidifies the deal. This woman looks beautiful naked, and we can only hope for more.
  7. Giselle Bundchen. This blonde Brazilian of German descent shines like candlelight in comparison to a lot of models. Statue-esque with chiseled features and alluring smile, you only wish you saw her naked more. Or wish you were Leo Dicaprio. Or Tom Brady. Or some other rich handsome guy… Yeah.
  8. Daniela Cicarella. This Brazilian model and MTV VJ got super naked on the shores of Rio de Janeiro in an unplanned sex tape. As if anyone didn’t have a hard time simply by looking at her face, she had to go and show the world what it would really be like to do the things all guys dream of.
  9. Veronica Zemanova. This exotic beauty hails from central Europe, long believed to be the cradle of some of the most beautiful women in the world. Long and curvy, she goes a long way toward helping that argument
  10. Aria Giovanni. This soft porn actress represents real, voluptuous, women. When they're not model thin, or made of plastic, this is what women look like. Doe-like brown eyes and olive skin make her perpetually youthful and forever one of the most beautiful naked women in the world. How else could someone sustain a career in soft porn and still satisfy her audience at the same. Two words. Timeless beauty.
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