10 Most Erotic Movies Of All Time

The 10 most erotic movies of all time are full of hot, steamy romance. Erotic movies are not just about nudity and sex. They focus more on the erotic romance of mainstream movies. These movies are obviously not for everyone but they are great for couple to watch together. Here are the ten most erotic movies of all time for a night of sensual viewing.

  1. "Basic Instinct" -1992- "Basic Instinct" has to be one of the most erotic movies of all time. The film stars Michael Douglas as a detective who is working on a murder case. Sharon Stone stars as a suspect in the murder who has an intense sexual relationship with Douglas. The movie was controversial because of its overt sexuality.
  2. "91/2 Weeks" -1986- This movie is an erotic drama starring Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger. It gained notoriety for its erotic sadomasochistic content. The movie centers on the relationship between a Wall Street player and a divorced art gallery employee. The couple, John and Elizabeth, tries several erotic sex acts throughout the film.
  3. "Sliver" -1993- "Sliver" is definitely on the list of one of the most erotic movies of all time. It is based on the book by Ira Levin. It stars Sharon Stone, William Baldwin and Tom Berenger. Stone plays the role of Carly Norris, a book editor. When she moves into an apartment building where tenants die under strange circumstances, she finds that she has the attention of two men who are keeping shocking secrets as are most of the other tenants.
  4. "Eyes Wide Shut" -1999- This has to be the most erotic movie of all time. It stars Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. The movie tells the tale of Dr. Bill (Cruise) and his wife Alice (Kidman). The movie is full of erotic acts, secrets, betrayal and infidelity. 
  5. "American Beauty" -1999- There is no question that many people believe that this movie is the most erotic movie of all time. The movie has an all-star cast with Kevin Spacey, Annette Bening and Allison Janney. The movie won Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor (Kevin Spacey) and Best Cinematography in 2000 at the 72ndAcademy Awards.
  6. "Salon Kitty" -1976- "Salon Kitty" starred Helmut Berenger and Ingrid Thulin. The movie is based on a true story. "Salon Kitty" was a high-class brothel that was used during World War II. It was used for espionage by the German security service.
  7. "Body Heat" -1981- As one of the most erotic movies of all time, this movie has an outstanding cast. The film stars William Hurt, Kathleen Turner, Ted Danson and Mickey Rourke. The film has it all … sex, infidelity, greed, lies and secret.
  8. "Last Tango in Paris" -1972- This movies was first given a rating of X because of its raw sexual portrayal. The movie tells of a widower who is engaged to another man. Their relationship is completely anonymous, since they reveal no personal information to each other, not even their names.
  9. "In the Realm of the Senses" -1976- This Japanese film gained much controversy when it debuted because of its scenes of unsimulated sexual acts. The story is about a prostitute-turned-hotel maid who has a sexual affair with the hotel owner she works for.  He is a married man who eventually leaves his wife for the maid.
  10. "Femme Fatale" -2002- "Femme Fatale" stars Rebecca Romijin and Antonio Banderas. Romijin plays a diamond thief who is evil and very deceptive. She manipulates men into getting what she wants. Antonio plays a Spanish photographer who becomes manipulated Romijin. This movie is filled with deceit, twists and sex.
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