10 Most Expensive Beers

The 10 most expensive beers come in pale or dark ales, limited editions to just one bottle. It is even possible to acquire your beer bottle in a squirrel. No matter which beer you chose from the list below, each of them have something unique which is why they are so expensive. Below are the 10 most expensive beers.

  1. Tutankhamun Ale. Sold in a limited edition, Tutankhamun Ale is one of the most expensive beers. The ale is made in a laboratory based upon a recipe found in Queen Nefertiti's Temple of the Sun in Egypt. The beer is named after the Queen's stepson King Tut. Tutankhamun Ale can be purchased for $52 per bottle.
  2. Samuel Adams Utopias. As one of the most expensive beers, Samuel Adams Utopias had a production limited to 8,000 bottles. At $100 per bottle, Utopias is sold in a copper plated kettle and has a very original flavor.
  3. Carlsberg Vintage 3. Made in 2010, Carlsberg Vintage 3  is one of the most expensive beers at $348 per bottle. As the third in a trilogy, Vintage 3 was aged in French Cote d'Or oak barrels in the Carlsberg cellar. Vintage 3 was hand tapped and labeled with art by Kaspar Bonnen and two artists from the Radiant Copenhagen Project.
  4. Brewdog's "The End of History." Eleven bottles produced and  priced at $765 per bottle makes Brewdog's one of the most expensive beers. The beer is 55% alcohol but the most controversial aspect is the bottles are encased in a squirrel or weasel by a taxidermist. Four squirrels and seven weasels were roadkill and now house bottles of Brewdog.
  5. Antarctic Nail Ale. At $800 per bottle, Antarctic Nail Ale is one of the most expensive beers. Made with real ice from the Antarctic, only thirty bottles were produced. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society uses the money from the sale of the beers toward their cause of opposing whaling in the Antarctic sanctuary.
  6. La Vieille Bon Secourts. Made in Belgium, La Vieille Bon Secourts was purchased by a London restaurant for $1160 making it one of the most expensive beers. The 12 liter bottle which was purchased is so large that it takes two people just to pour it.
  7. Lowenbrau Beer. One bottle of Lowenbrau Beer was sold at an auction for $8337 making it one of the most expensive beers. This bottle was the last in a six pack dating back to 1937. This particular bottle of beer was believed to be the last known bottle of beer found at the Hindenburg disaster.
  8. Carlsberg Vintage 2. At a price of $600 per bottle, Carlesberg Vintage 2 is one of the most expensive beers. With a jet black color and foam at the top, this Vintage has hints of tar in it due to the malt used in the brew.
  9. Carlsberg Vintage 1. As the first in the Carlsberg Vintage trilogy, Vintage 1 is priced at $400 per bottle making it also one of the most expensive beers. With a chestnut brown color, Vintage 1 gets it's flavor from prune, vanilla, caramel and oak tree from the wooden casks in which it is stored.
  10. Crown Ambassador. Crown Ambassador which sells for $91 per bottle is another one of the most expensive beers. Beer manufacturer Foster's plans to sell limited editions of the Crown Ambassador Reserve to bolster the image of premium lagers.
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