10 Most Expensive Cars To Insure

When considering a new car, many consumers may not take the time to research which cars are considered the 10 most expensive cars to insure. When they do start the process of getting car insurance, the high rates may come as a shock.

The cars listed below are just a representation of the most expensive cars to insure not necessarily the most expensive cars on the market, and be sure to consider that there are more than 10 models that carry high insurance premiums. Many factors-including age, gender, accident history, and other things-can cause rates to be even higher.

  1. Honda S2000: This is a very sporty car, and comes in a 2-seater model only. Despite the fact that it has a number of safety and security features installed, it still may be hard for a consumer to find a company that will insure this model.
  2. Volkswagen GTI:  Both the 2-door and 4-door models are considered “turbo” cars. This type of engine designation often causes insurance rates to be higher, thus making this one of the most expensive cars to insure.
  3. Volkswagen Passat: Both models of this car are also classified as “turbo” cars. However, the 4-door sedan is cheaper to insure than the 4-door wagon. If a consumer does not need the extra space that a wagon can provide, then the sedan may be a better choice.
  4. Nissan GT-R:  Nissan calls this model a “supercar” and claims it can be used as a race car or a regular commuting vehicle with no adjustments or alterations needed. This claim of high performance, speed, and power may be why the GT-R is considered one of the most expensive cars to insure.
  5. Dodge Viper: The Dodge Viper is commonly referred to as a “muscle” car. This means that it has a lot of power, sits low to the ground, and has other features that can all lead to it being one of the most expensive cars to insure.
  6. Mercedes Benz G-Class: Mercedes Benz models are generally considered to be luxury cars. This designation can often have an effect on how much insurance rates will be on these types of cars.
  7. Subaru Impreza WRX: The WRX STI is the most expensive of all of these cars’ models to insure because it is considered the most powerful of all the models.
  8. Scion tC This car is not only considered a sports coupe, but was designed specifically so that it could be geared toward the youth market. Unfortunately, driver age often plays a part in insurance rates; therefore, if more young people are driving this car, it will be one of the most expensive cars to insure.
  9. Honda Civic Si: This car is loaded with extra features, some standard. Because of this, it may cost more to insure this model; however, some consumers may feel it is worth it because of its appearance and performance.
  10. Dodge Charger: The Dodge Charger made the list of the most expensive cars to insure because it has a high theft rate. In those areas where auto theft, no matter what the car model is, has a higher occurrence that in other places, paying the higher rate may be the only option an owner has.
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