10 Most Expensive Cats

If you have plenty of money for a pure breed cat as your pet, then you must know the 10 most expensive cats. Unlike any cats out there, these expensive cats have certifications to guarantee their breed pureness. Nevertheless, based on each breed’s uniqueness, cat owners will need to pay special attention and care to these cats. The following list will briefly explain the facts of the most expensive cats.

  1. Bengal cat – The first most expensive cat is the Bengal cat, also known as, Asian Leopard cat. Although this cat looks wild, it has been domesticated. Besides, it loves people very much. Its price generally runs from a couple hundred to a thousand dollars at most.
  2. Savannah cat – The second most expensive cat is the Savannah cat, also known as, the wild African cat. This wild looking cat not only loves being social and playful, but it is also very loyal to its owner. Depending on its background, it costs no less than a thousand dollars all the way to twenty grand for a Savannah cat.    
  3. Scottish Fold – The third most expensive cat is the Scottish Fold. This type of cat gets along with humans and other animals. The downside is that it needs plenty of attention. You can expect to pay a couple hundred dollars all the way to a few thousand bucks for this breed.
  4. British Shorthair – The fourth most expensive cat is the British Shorthair. This breed is described as gentle, affectionate, friendly, and it enjoys some attention. In addition, it loves to be respected as the boss of the family. Its price tag is around a couple hundred to a thousand dollars.
  5. Persian cat – The fifth most expensive cat is the Persian cat. It looks very different from the other nine breeds because of its short legs, long fur, round head, wide eyes, little ears, and heavy weight. Note that it loves being inactive at times. It is priced at around a couple hundred to a thousand dollars.
  6. Russian Blue – The sixth most expensive cat is the Russian Blue. This breed is very polite, affectionate, and carries an ongoing Mona Lisa smile. Besides, you can enjoy its company due to its awesome personality. Its price ranges from a couple hundred to two thousand dollars.
  7. Maine Coon – The seventh most expensive cat is the Maine Coon. As implied by its name, it looks like a brownish raccoon tabby. This breed loves people very much, and it follows its owner around all the time. It would help its owner when necessary. The price is ranging from a couple hundred to less than two grand.
  8. Siamese cat – The eighth most expensive cat is the Siamese cat. Describe this breed as brilliant, sociable, playful, talkative and affectionate. Besides, it can make loud noise in order to make its point. It usually costs around two hundred to a thousand dollars for a Siamese cat.
  9. Manx cat – The ninth most expensive cat is the Manx cat. This breed looks very interesting due to its small and sturdy body build along with its round head, wide chest, and deep flank. It also has a beautiful personality, and it loves helping its owner. Its price is about a couple hundred to four thousand dollars.
  10. Sphynx cat – The tenth most expensive cat is the Sphynx cat, also known as, Canadian Hairless. Although this rare breed looks hairless, it actually has either the Chamois leather or vellus hair. This energetic, smart, outgoing, curious and affectionate cat loves to cuddle up with its owner for warmth. Its price range is from a couple hundred all the way to two thousand dollars.
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